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Activities Ideas

4 replies

StrawberryMartini · 19/09/2007 13:06

Any chance of starting a thread for newbies like me who are not really sure what to do with their mindees? I will start with a few...

  1. Painting with water and large paintbrushes outside.

  2. Trip to local park.

  3. Jigsaws

    Please add!
OP posts:

hennipenni · 19/09/2007 13:12

1.Threading pasta tubes to make necklaces.
2.paint spinning (need a salad spinner 99p from Asda).
3.Nusrery rhymne bags ( put a selection of items in a bag that have connections with rymnes then ask mindees to guess the rhmnes).
4. Tray of rice for mindees to trace/draw in/make mess with.
5.Cornflour and water gloop!

Lots more will think later when things have calmed down here!


hennipenni · 19/09/2007 13:13

My spelling is baaad today!


Shoshable · 19/09/2007 13:25

try web sites like,, they have loads and dltk has loads of links to other sites


Shoshable · 19/09/2007 13:27

grain (dried, go to a farmer and ask for a bag full) and tip it in a baby bath, they love playing it out.

I have had one in the airing cupboard since last year, this week we have done Autumn things, went to get it, guess what DH threw out on his mass clear out last Saturday !!!!!!

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