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URGENT HELP! What should I pay a friend?

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SalD · 19/09/2007 12:59

A very good friend of mine is looking after my 7 year old daughter after school, three days a week. Her son is in my dd's class, and she will be picking up from school about 3.15 pm, giving her her tea and I will collect about 6.15.

We're both not sure what I should pay her: I want to be fair, and she doesn't want to overcharge...any advice? (We heard about a local childminder we know charging £7 an hour, which we felt was steep)

Any suggestions? We live in North London.

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StrawberryMartini · 19/09/2007 13:04

Well legally she shouldn't be paid at all as she's got your dd for more than 2 hours and she's not a registered childminder! Sorry - bet you really wanted to hear that! I charge £4 an hour which is at the upper end for my area (Reading).

NAB3 · 19/09/2007 13:05

Just what I was going to say. A reciprical arrangement between frineds, ie you have the kids for tea Monday and I'll do tea on Tuesday is fine. A regular thing and she needs to be registered.

looneytune · 19/09/2007 13:07

Yep, illegal til she's 8 yrs old I'm afraid

StrawberryMartini · 19/09/2007 13:07

I was told that it was for any reward at all - even a bunch of flowers!

juuule · 19/09/2007 13:11

It's around 3.50 an hour near us.
I pick up my friends 2 after school(until 5pm) for £5 per night.

looneytune · 19/09/2007 13:15

SM is right, any reward is not legal. And it's ok for up to 2 hrs, it's over 2 hrs that's the problem

StrawberryMartini · 19/09/2007 13:17

Yay I love being right!

SalD · 19/09/2007 13:21

Thanks for the advice....... actually, I made mistake, my dd was 8 on Monday...does this make a difference?

OP posts:
juuule · 19/09/2007 13:22

Makes a difference. 8yo and over is fine.

looneytune · 19/09/2007 13:23

Yes, makes all the difference - you're fine then

Twiglett · 19/09/2007 13:24

I'd say £5 an hour .. so £15 per night or £10 per night


SalD · 19/09/2007 14:11

I was thinking about £5 per hour, ie £45 per week.

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