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Had to stick mindee in the shower - what would you have done?!!

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chel86 · 18/09/2007 20:07

4 yr old mindee (girl btw) had explosive diahorrea today. She was so upset and embarrassed because she didn't get to the toilet. So I stripped her and no amount of tissues or baby wipes could have cleaned her. So I stuck her in the shower. She obviously washed herself but I had to wash her back where she couldn't reach. Mum picked her up an hour after i called and seemed appalled at the fact that I put her daughter in the shower! I'm sorry, but what would you have done? Did I do something wrong here? Was I supposed to do the best I could with tissue/baby wipes and let her sit around with the remains stuck to her?

OP posts:
fransmom · 18/09/2007 20:08

i would have done the same thing and then told the parent like you did. is there anthing like this in your policies (to cover yourself and to protect mindees)?

GreatAuntieWurly · 18/09/2007 20:08

I would have done exactly the same (tho i'm not a child minder)

MerlinsBeard · 18/09/2007 20:10

If i used a CM i would expect that they would be a substitute me (IYSWIM) and thats what io would have done

jrsmum · 18/09/2007 20:10

As a mum I would have been pleased that you had the sense to put her in the shower and not leave them covered in pooh!!!!

Frizbe · 18/09/2007 20:11

same here I would have been very happy that you'd showered her off

Greensleeves · 18/09/2007 20:12

Are you sure she was appalled rather than just embarassed? Sounds like a bit of an odd reaction to me.

Of course you did the right thing. Sitting around in diarrhoea could make her very sore, as well as being unpleasant for everyone.

Lizzylou · 18/09/2007 20:12

If you had left her in a complete mess then her Mom wouldn't have been pleased would she?
I think you did entirely the right thing, I would hope if my DS's were being looked after then someone would do the same for them.

lisad123 · 18/09/2007 20:13

I would have done the same, but not a CM. We had a shower at work for the same reason, when working with disabled children.
I wouldnt worry too much.

WriggleJiggle · 18/09/2007 20:15

Of course you did the right thing. She needed a proper clean, you let her do it herself apart from her back which obviously a child of her age would not have been able to do. Wait and see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps the mum was just fustrated at her daughter being poorly and having to collect her rather than how you acted.

Kewcumber · 18/09/2007 20:16

don;t understand why anyone would have an issue with it. I would expect my CM to tell me but certianly wouldn;t have bothered me. COuld you just say to the mum that you didn;t think she seemed very happy with your decision and would she prefer you waited for her to pick up an bathe DD herself (bonkers if she does but there you go no accounting for some folks)

Shoshable · 18/09/2007 20:16

Would of and have done the same sort of thing Chel.

What did the mother think you would do?

Put it in your Incident book, with detailed of what you did.

malfoy · 18/09/2007 20:19

same thing happened to my son at nursery today. They also put him the shower. I have no problem with it but am a bit embarassed as it's his first day.

malfoy · 18/09/2007 20:19

same thing happened to my son at nursery today. They also put him the shower. I have no problem with it but am a bit embarassed as it's his first day.

malfoy · 18/09/2007 20:19

same thing happened to my son at nursery today. They also put him the shower. I have no problem with it but am a bit embarassed as it's his first day.

malfoy · 18/09/2007 20:20

sorry!!! kept pressing "post message".

TellusMater · 18/09/2007 20:21

Not a CM, but would have been appalled if you hadn't showered them off TBH.

And you would have had all my sympathy, as mine hate showers - they would have screamed the house down...

whoops · 18/09/2007 20:22

I wouldn't have an issue with it, I would have been pleased that you had showered my child

FrannyandZooey · 18/09/2007 20:23

Not a CM but think you did the right thing

chilledmama · 18/09/2007 20:23

what you mean clean the poo off?????? why on earth would yo do that???? As a parent, I would be distraught if you hadn't done it!!

winestein · 18/09/2007 20:23

Could you ask her tomorrow if you would rather you did not in future? It could open up channels to talk about it and see if you had perhaps misinterpreted the situation.

I would be delighted if my childminder had showered DS if he had explosive diahorrea, as in fact, she did just last week.

I think you absolutely did the right thing - you just need to clarify the situation tomorrow with her mum in case it happens again. I would say if she disagrees with the showering then you should say that if her DD has diahorrea in future then she must come and pick her up straight away. Diahorrea means you can't have her for 48 hours anyway, doesn't it?

themildmanneredjanitor · 18/09/2007 20:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twentypence · 18/09/2007 20:27

Maybe she only has baths at home

brimfull · 18/09/2007 20:28

was it the fact that it was a shower rather than the bath that surprised her?

I would have done the same as you.

PinkChick · 18/09/2007 20:28

you are in the right, but to cover yourself(i have done this lalready dont know why but glad i have now!) put a little additional sheet in your T&C (like yesterday..oops you must have missed it mu)showing that if the children get overly messy(coverd in paint) or have an accident you will then bath/shower them to ensure absic hygeine is kept and the child is clean and comfortable(in their best interest)

NannyL · 18/09/2007 20:28

Im shocked that she has a problem with it tbh!

You were doing your best to look after her... she needed a shower and you gave her a shower so what is the problem? Grrrr parents lol

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