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Deskilled in searching for childcare. What are the best websites for non-London nannies etc?

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choosyfloosy · 17/09/2007 20:11

I'm panicking a bit about childcare as my incredibly wonderful nanny that I have sahred for 3 years is on sick leave for a few months. Gumtree seems to be entirely London, really. Any other recommendations? Any lovely nanny looking for work 4 afternoons a week??

OP posts:

SenoraPostrophe · 17/09/2007 20:13

have you checked out the earlyyears website?


SenoraPostrophe · 17/09/2007 20:15

I mean this site not sure how good it is for nannies though


choosyfloosy · 17/09/2007 20:16

No! thank you

OP posts:

choosyfloosy · 17/09/2007 20:18

good, but I have been via the CIS and there are no childminders at the moment who can offer pickup at ds's school. Not absolutely essential but would be a good start. Wondered if there were any more sites out there?

OP posts:

SenoraPostrophe · 17/09/2007 20:23

or there's always the yellow pages. I noticed some nanny ads in ours.


choosyfloosy · 17/09/2007 20:24

[leafs through YP with one hand]

OP posts:

Millarkie · 17/09/2007 20:31 I think

You could try putting postcard-style ads up in local shops/cafes. And we had a parent's noticeboard at school where we could post childcare notices.

Familiesonline takes local ads I think. And you could start a new thread on mumsnet!

(I got my last nanny through the local gumtree though - there are quite a few in our area, although nothing like as many as the London site)


Millarkie · 17/09/2007 20:32

You may be able to recruit a nanny (rather than an au pair) via


EmsMum · 17/09/2007 20:33

We got a great one through agency. Agency found from Yellow Pages.


omega2 · 17/09/2007 22:33

where are you?

also gumtree has other areas on it that aren't just london


nannynick · 17/09/2007 23:49

As a nanny outside of London, when I was looking for jobs I used:
plus also local nanny agencies

From September 2008, CIS with luck will start listing nannies - as Childcare Act 2006 legislation requires that they provide details about all forms of childcare. However in reality I am wondering if they will actually list nannies.

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