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CM Club - Charges for meal for a BABY.............

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looneytune · 17/09/2007 19:19


I charge £1.50 for an evening meal (all other meals/snacks are free) but looks like I'm going to be providing for my 9 month old mindee - how much do you think is fair to charge? Doesn't seem right having the same charge as the bigger ones.


OP posts:

Shoshable · 17/09/2007 19:31

Hi LT I carge te same, cos althugh tht not cost as much touy, Ido find hat 'by'food takes re to pepare,my ldehidren end t aewhwe haebut babbies have to cook seperaly (ant reay gve ababy cury and such, ad for yug baies itneedes to b pureed as wll


Shoshable · 17/09/2007 19:36

This time so you can actually read it Argggggggggggggggggggggggg Bloody Bloody typing

Hi LT I charge the same, cos although it does not cost as much to buy, I do find that 'baby' food takes more to prepare, my older children tend to have what we have but babies I have to cook seperatly (cant really give a baby curry and such, ad for young babies it needs to be pureed as well


mumlove · 17/09/2007 19:37

Shosh - Have you been drinking or are you going to blame your new keyboard on this typing.

I would keep the charges the same also.


Shoshable · 17/09/2007 19:41

ML, I dont know why it does it, I bought a new keyboard cos I thought it was that and it STILL does it, not every time just once in a while really really pissed off now

And why wont anybody believe me I DONT DRINK HONEST


london11 · 17/09/2007 20:21

Come on shosh, tell the truth - I saw the phone with BIG numbers on today, I think you need a keyboard the same!!!!!! (it's C btw, incase you don't twig!)


islandofsodor · 17/09/2007 20:32

Is it a wireless keyboard? Mine is hopelss and misses letters out all over the place.


Shoshable · 17/09/2007 20:34

I have a phone with BIG numbers to teach my fellow CMs how to dial a phone proper like

Anyway , tell them go on, I dont drink Do I?


Shoshable · 17/09/2007 20:34

Nope its wired, (maybe too wired)


saltire · 17/09/2007 20:35

Looks like Shosh has been drinking again. Or she's been getting typing lessons off Cod!


Shoshable · 17/09/2007 20:40


london tell them go on, have you ever seen me drink. !!!!!!!!!!


PinkChick · 17/09/2007 20:40

saltire you took the words out of my mouthLOL


Shoshable · 17/09/2007 20:49

i'm going to cry now

or have a supermarket level tantrum.


london11 · 17/09/2007 20:57

ok, ok you don't drink! Don't cry, it's not all bad. Maybe you should get your eyes tested though? old age can be a funny thing


saltire · 17/09/2007 21:00

It's that bloody acupnucture, it's done more than take the pain away, it's taken your typing skills away as well


PinkChick · 17/09/2007 21:01

nah just the typing like cod bit i was gunna say


Shoshable · 17/09/2007 21:02

I never had any tyng skills

London I will give you OLD AGE, just cos your younger than DS,

(thats why I work with her, she does all the physical)


looneytune · 18/09/2007 08:35

PMSL at Shosha's typing, I see the new keyboard has been a great investment!!!

Seriously though, thanks for the quick replies. I'm not prepared to cook seperate food for baby, mum wants me to just blend what I give the kids atm (they give curry etc at home anyway although i don't do curry so it doesn't matter). I just have no time to be cooking something different for her as I have no room to store meals so cook them daily rather than batch cooking. I find everything hard to fit in as it is so I'm not adding to my chores!

Will have a chat with mum later and see what she thinks.


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