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Male au pair/manny...think carefully!!!!!!

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ingles2 · 17/09/2007 10:09

Hi Everyone,....
My first post here and thought I'd see what opinions everyone has on male au pairs.
I have just (gladly) waved goodbye to an a male au pair....What a nightmare! I've had plenty of au pairs before always girls, but thought I'd try a boy as I have 2 boys 6 and 7. I Was quite frankly horrified at his inexperience and attitude. He was a 19 year old german who has obviously never done anything for himself before. I had to spend 3 months teaching him how to cook(toast!boiled egg!), clean and generally look after himself(how to hand wash his shirt!) never mind looking after my kids. He obviously thought domestic chores were beneath him and spent most of the time on the phone (oh yes 2 hour conversations every night!! on my phone!!!) or in a mono syllabic teenager strop.It was just like I had gained a 3rd child! He came from the agency I use regularly with great references which I followed up! Feel like I will never ever ever hire a guy again. Surely they are not all like this...are they?

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fireflyfairy2 · 17/09/2007 10:12

I doubt it.

You maybe just had a bad experience. I wouldn't let it put me off!

Hurlyburly · 17/09/2007 10:13

Just thought I would post to say I have the most fabulous male au-pair. He is absolutely wonderful - we can't believe our luck.

The problem with your au pair is not that he is male. It is that he is very young. I have always avoided aupairs who are under 20 just on the basis that I was truly ditzy when I was under 20. Not fair for potentially serious and responsible au-pairs, I know, but I am useless at sorting the wheat from the chaff.

JennaJ · 17/09/2007 10:14

No they aren't all like that!! You just had a bad experience..same as some people do when they hire a female aupair.

In defence of mannys..from my experience as a mum and an ex nanny..they don't drink as much coffee...gossip...go shopping...or meet up with THEIR friends nearly as much as the female nannies I have known in the past. They can be fab cooks, great at the household stuff and loving, caring and BRILLIANT with the children.

As with all nannies there are good ones and bad ones and Im afraid you just got a bad one...good like finding a new one :-)


KaySamuels · 17/09/2007 10:15

Oh what a shame! If they are only coming from europe I think I would invite them for a short stay as a guest before committing personally male or female. I'm sure there are teenage boys out there who are domestic, I do actually know one honest!

Obviously male nannies are a different kettle of fish, they are trained and experienced and have a great love for their vocation, as are male childminders!

aDad · 17/09/2007 10:22

you had a bad nanny
it doesn't seem to be anything to do with the fact he was a man as far as i can see
I see it more as being to do with their age if anything

NannyL · 17/09/2007 10:32

completely agree with adad

the fact he was male was irrelevant

ingles2 · 17/09/2007 10:45

Thanks Guys....I thnk you're probably right and it was his age. I guess this reinforces my opinion that my boys should do plenty around the house to help and they both love to cook thank goodness!
Have got a new female au pair now who is going to be great I think!

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