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CM with dog

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evansmummy · 14/09/2007 17:44

I have found a great CM in my village and everything about her is perfect except that she has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I'm really nervous abou it. Met her and the dog today and the dog seems lovely but you can never tell. Do you think I'm being over cautious? I'm a bit pressed for time and choices so it's a really tough one. Just wondered what other people think?

OP posts:
KaySamuels · 14/09/2007 17:49

interesting investigation into staffies

KaySamuels · 14/09/2007 17:52

I wouldn't be put off sending ds to a childminder with a dog - unless it was classed as a dangerous breed that is.

I realise it may have been trained, reared in a calm caring environment, used to kids etc. But it would worry me. It would be on my mind and I would want childcare that didn't leave me worrying.

evansmummy · 14/09/2007 18:07

Thanks for this. I have been browsing myself and have found pretty much the same thing. But I guess if there's a worry, you're right, I'm just not gonna feel comfortable. PS I love dogs!

OP posts:
KaySamuels · 14/09/2007 18:08

I love dogs too. I am a cm and don't have a dog at present but if I were to in the future it would be something docile. LOL. You never hear of a savage labrador do ya!? If you like her in every other way ask her more about the dog. Is it with the kids al the time, left unnattended with the kids, does it have a run, etc. Don't think I could consider it an option btw tbh, so don't feel bad either way.

Peachy · 14/09/2007 18:10

What's her arrangements with the dog? Our CM has a dog, elderly and competely falling apart but OFSTED (well the welsh version) make her keep it in a cage when inside with the kids, it doesn't spend much time inside though as she has divided a secure ection of agrden for his her use which is fenced etc.

Not sure the dog is any more risk than a sack of spuds tbh- if Ia sk ds3 what a doffy says he pops his tongue out and pants lol- but that's what she ahs been told to do

maximummummy · 14/09/2007 23:21

kay a friend of mine was savaged badly by a labrador as a toddler
which goes to show that with all breeds of dogs there is a risk
i'm a doglover and have always had a dog i'm also a childminder and ofsted had absolutely no problems with my dog

NannyL · 14/09/2007 23:38

yes you do ehre of savage labradors.

In fact labradors are one of the dogs where people think they are all lovely but actually a fair few of them are not.

A freinds mum (a real dog lover who has kept dogs (mainly labradors actually, going off subject here but one of her labradors was a 'model' dog (literally) and was on the front cobers of a few books, thats how well trained and good her dogs 'were') all her life was brutally attacked by one of their dogs randomly... she was lucky to not be more seriously injured and the dog was put down. (that was not the dog who was a 'model'!)

MaureenMLove · 14/09/2007 23:41

I wouldn't send my dd to a cm with a dog tbh. I don't like dogs and you can just never tell. It could be the most docile pooch going, but all it takes is for the dog to get a fright or someone accidently standing on its tail etc. etc. I'm a cm btw! A family once asked me about pets and I went into a big long story about how I don't think children and animals mix and so on and she said, 'Oh, its OK, I'm not bothered, we've got 4 cats and 2 dogs!'
No, not for me, but horses for courses.

HappyMummyOfOne · 15/09/2007 09:20

I couldn't use a CM with a dog either, regardless of breed, as I'd just spend all my time worrying.

You have to be totally confident with your childcare so if it is worrying you then I would look for another option.

PinkChick · 15/09/2007 14:08

i like dogs, had bull mastiffs and mongrels, but WOULD NOT send dd to cm with dog that had free reign, tbh id be dubious even if dog was 'said' to be left outside etc, they dont have to bite, just jumping up at a LO scares them ahlf to death!

trunkybun · 15/09/2007 16:36

Hi There
I am a childminder and I have a dog (and chickens) the dog is a Jack Russell which is a breed not known for their calm temperaments!! however she loves her human friends and would not bite - however I never, ever leave her unattended with the children. She 'lives' in the kitchen, which the children only go into to eat, cook or do craft activities (I have a stairgate accross the door)When the children are in the kitchen she is outside or in the utility area. She does bring a lot of pleasure to the children though, despite being off limits, they love to see her being chased by the chooks!!

maximummummy · 15/09/2007 19:42

two of my mindees have had nasty experiences with dogs and were naturally a little wary of my dog BUT their mum says they've now lost their fear of dogs since coming to me

evansmummy · 15/09/2007 21:01

Thanks everyone for your opinions. It's interesting how this one divides opinion!

She did say the dog is never left alone with the kids, but there were no gates over the doors and i doubt she'd take the og with her if she went to the loo or something!

It's mostly the breed that worries me tbh. Although most of the research I've done says they're incredibly affectionate, they are also incredibly powerful and you never know with dogs. Plus, in the first ten minutes of being there the dog had barked at us, jumped up at my son and knocked him over (playfully, but still), and jumped up to profusely lick his face. If I wasn't so sstuck for other options I'd write it off straight away, but she's only one of two that I've seen and the other doesn't drive and would have to do a two mile round trip to pick up ds frm nursery - and what if it's raining!!!!!

OP posts:
Kiddi · 15/09/2007 21:24

Having read the whole thread, i started off curious thinking well its down to how the dog is treated in respect to access to the children etc. Im a CM and have a Doberman, an intelligent dog known for its ability to be well trained, but also known to be feared by many people. I do make sure the dog is physically segregated by more than a baby gate if I go to the toilet or answer the front door. He has very little direct contact with the children and NEVER unsupervised, not even my own children. At the end of the day a dog is a dog, not a toy and should be treated with the apporpriate respect. i would suggest that your childminder-to-be does not respect this fact, and if your child has been knocked down and had his face licked in the first visit, find another minder or if no other minders then after school, or nursery, anything other than her. A new child should be introduced into the setting in a manor that shows any dog that, the new addition is higher up the food chain. its all about leader of the pack and it should never be the dog at the top!

evansmummy · 16/09/2007 19:04

Thank you so much kiddi for that very sensible reply. That's what I thought too with regards to the first visit and I was surprised that she didn't move the dog out of the room when he'd already jumped up at ds.

Anyway, problem solved now cos she's just phoned saying she can't help out. I suspect it's because she took it badly when I said I was nervous about her dog. Oh well, back to the drawing board...

OP posts:
hercules1 · 16/09/2007 19:07

I have 3 dogs but I wouldnt send my child to that childminder for reasons already stated.

Btw I know of several vicious golden retrievers - lots of inbreeding with those and labradors from puppy farms to meet high demand.

smeeinit · 16/09/2007 19:18

have just skimmed thread but just to reassure you,my sis has 2 staffs and tehy are fab with kiddies,infact i believe they are one of the best you can have with kids.

Kiddi · 16/09/2007 21:47

Thats me little mrs sensible! Hope you get your childcare sorted and go with your gut instinct. I had a lady who came and was terrified of dogs, typical the only parent I had forgotten to tell pre visit. so needless to say a large Doberman still in puppy stage but not in size, scared her even from the other side of a baby gate. Suggested alternate carers and she ended up going someone else with a very large dog! NOT a Doberman tho, So she obviously ended up with the right carer for her and her child, so I am still happy. Anyway like i said Good luck.

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