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CM Club - Ad Hoc After School Care - Contracts?

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Saz73 · 14/09/2007 09:35

I've been asked today to look after a 7yr from 3.30 til 8.30pm while mum goes on a course. It will only be on a ad-hoc basis, what sort of contract would you do or would you not bother with a contract?

OP posts:

ayla99 · 14/09/2007 13:26

I used to take phone/email bookings from people who had previously used me and as most of these were quite short notice, I didn't bother with a contract each time. For new people I would get them to fill in a booking form. But I've had a lot of problems recently where people have not remembered which days they booked, turning up on wrong day or not turning up at all and then being surprised I was expecting them. So I'm now doing contracts for everybody.

Still deciding about the wording that will go in place of the table showing days/times
it will either say that the parent agrees their verbal request is binding and they agree to pay full fees for all childcare requested regardless of whether their child attends
or it will say that the parent must confirm all requests in writing (i will supply booking forms) and include their payment with their booking (which will be returned if I'm not available). And that a place is not reserved for their until payment received.

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