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what to look for in a CM???

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sheepgirl · 12/09/2007 21:13

What do you think are the best qualities for a CM?

OP posts:

bossybritches · 13/09/2007 16:08

Hi Sheepgirl- what age are your children?

Regardless of age (IMHO) it just has to feel right to you first & foremost! The best equipped & tidiest/cleanest CM house might not be good if your little one is scared to make a mess or doesn't get a hug when needed! Personal recommedations are always a good bet but bear in mind we all have different priorities as we all know!

I would say ALWAYS get an OFSTED registered one, if they aren't why not?

Chat to the CM about her policies & ask about what is important to you-flexibility on time/days/holiday cover? Rates, any discounts/penalties. Ask if you can make an appointment to come round one afternoon when it's not too frazzled for her (or him!) & take a child with you & see how they are reacted to.

Hope this helps good luck it's a nightmare isn't it?!


ThePrisoner · 13/09/2007 19:22

I would definitely say that visiting a few CMs is a good idea - it may help you decide about things that you may not have thought important previously. Most CMs would be happy for you to chat to parents of current or previously-minded children.

Always ensure that you have at least one visit when the minder has children present, so that you can see how she/he interacts with those children as well as your own.

Please don't think that CMs who have a lower grade than others are not good childminders. It may just mean that their paperwork isn't up to scratch!


MaureenMLove · 13/09/2007 19:29

Ask them what sort of things they do with their mindees. Check certificates and numbers of mindees she can have/has got. If you want her to fed your lo's, ask to see her menu plans. Ask for references from past and present parents. Ask her about the people that see her mindees, i.e. family members. The list could go on, but any cm worth her salt will be ready to give you all this info before you even ask!

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