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losing my first mindee - to an unregistered childminder

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maximummummy · 09/09/2007 22:26

i'm feeling really sad as i've had mindee for a year and he was my first regular his sibling is just starting school and going to a friend of the mum's who is as yet un-registered so parents feel it will be too much hassle to use both of us
i had a feeling this would happen but i still feel really shocked also he is my ds's favourite mindee and he always asks for him in the morning they are the same age and will go through nursery and school together

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juuule · 11/09/2007 13:35

I can understand choosing a registered minder if you don't know people but I can't understand the insistence on being registered if you know someone well and trust them. Surely a parent should be able to use their own judgement on some things. Obviously not a good idea if the deciding factor is purely financial and not taking into account the children's needs.
And yes, I do know it's illegal to not be registered and look after a non-relative for more than 2 hours a day in your own home. I just think that sometimes a bit of common-sense should come into it.

Shoshable · 11/09/2007 14:05

juuule I know alot of people who have used unregistered friends. IT DOSNT WORK, dosnt matter how well you know them, how good they are with you child. You do not have the safe guard if things go wrong, and they do go wrong, The person looking after child suddenly decides they want time off, decides it is to much hard work, finds that it compromise's their friendship, their kids dont get on, a different attitude in raising children, child has accident and working parent has to have alot of time off, who is going to pay her wage if no insurance.

Who is going to supply the double buggy, car seat, cot, what happens if it gets broken.

Believe me all the things and more happen, I have had parents turn up at my door at 7 in the morning because of all these disputes looking for childcare.#

registered Child care is under contract, its insured and we are trained, that is why you should use it.

juuule · 11/09/2007 14:19

So if that is the case then maximummy only needs to bide her time and these people will most likely come back. If she's filled her places by then, then that's unfortunate for the parents and their children.
And although there are contracts, it is possible for all the things you mention to still go wrong for some registered childminders and parents, in which case notice on either side would be worked or negotiated.

maximummummy · 11/09/2007 15:15

i'm feeling much more positive today

I never wanted to be working 9/10 hour days in the first place - it's bloody hard work for crap money and mainly unappreiciated plus it will be nice to spend "quality time" with my own kids SO although i will miss little mindee and the money i'll get over it!

still feel really p#*~ed off with the parents but hey ho i knew it was a risk of the job - i'm not going to report other childminder - don't want the bad karma - she is in the process of getting registered BUT i hope she doesn't get it then i can laugh at their situation

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fruittea · 11/09/2007 21:28

Maximummummy, I've been looking for you! I've found the racing car to go with the Happy Street you bought from me a few months back, if you want it then please email me at fruittea at hotmail dot co dot uk and I'll send it on to you

Sorry to see that you're having problems with your mindees and their parents, but glad to see you're feeling better.
maximummummy · 12/09/2007 21:00

wow thanks fruittea !!!! will email you later

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