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What's the going rate for a nanny in South Wales?

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MuffinTopMamma · 09/09/2007 21:27

I'm thinking of getting a nanny and wondered what the going rate is in Abergavenny, South Wales. They'd be live-out and required to do 5 days a week, including a couple of early mornings and late finishes. Any suggestions please?!

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nannynick · 09/09/2007 21:58

Hard to know, though I don't feel location makes that much of a difference when it comes to live-out nannies (as long as it isn't central London area).

I would say that £7 to £10 per hour gross / £70-£100 per day gross. Quite a large variance due to differences between an unqualified nanny, newly qualified nanny, qualified and experienced nanny.

Perhaps the best thing to do initially is to advertise for a nanny, and ask applicants to provide details of their current salary / desired salary. Also it can be useful to contact a local agency (though local may need to be Newport, Monmouth, Hereford) to establish likely pay rates.


MuffinTopMamma · 09/09/2007 22:03

Hmm. Thanks for that Nannynick. Silly question but do you know if most nannies prefer a live-in position? If they would, what are their expectations regarding private bathrooms? He/she would have to share the family bathroom...

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nannynick · 09/09/2007 22:10

Found a news article from 2006, which says nanny rates in Wales (info from a Newport based agency) were around £6 per hour. However it does not state if that is gross or net.


nannynick · 09/09/2007 22:13

Sorry don't know regarding live-in nannies. As a nanny, I am live-out - far prefer to be able to get away from work at the end of the day.

PS. I have family in Abergavenny, I'm also Welsh by birth - but I work in Surrey.


nannynick · 09/09/2007 22:25

May be worth contacting Welsh Nannies & Carers
Tel: 01633 680531. They seem to be a well established agency in the area, and thus I suspect if you make initial enquiries they will be able to give you information about salary expectations for live-out and live-in plus bathroom expectations of live-in nannies.

Call them up, say you are considering employing a nanny and ask them to tell you as much as they will. They may well want to send you some info about their agency, their rates etc, but probably no harm in having that, as if you are not then able to recruit someone directly yourself, at least you know how much an agency in the area will charge.

Tinies (Bristol) have an advert on Gumtree Cardiff for a part-time nanny in Monmouth - £7 p/hour net. Gumtree Cardiff may be a handy place to look for examples of what salaries are being offered plus you could advertise there yourself.


MuffinTopMamma · 11/09/2007 08:32

NannyNick - thanks for the information! If you fancy moving back to Wales let me know!

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