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CM Staff Room .............................. Thursday

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Shoshable · 06/09/2007 07:34

I hae one on Holiday this week and only one at home all the rt at school at least for the mornings, ................ could quitwe get used this

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Shoshable · 06/09/2007 07:35

arrggg keyboard but why does it only happen on mn.

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LoveMyGirls · 06/09/2007 07:41

Morning Today is my favourite day, i like thursdays for some reason!

Katymac · 06/09/2007 07:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Shoshable · 06/09/2007 07:45

Ive loved all this week 4 year old started school, (only mornings till Jan) 18 month on hols till wednesday only got 8 month old in the mornings

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crace · 06/09/2007 09:02

My baby is off ill today, poor wee thing but that explains why he was a nightmare this week. Argh.

Off to a playdate this am - should be good

MaureenMLove · 06/09/2007 09:23

Morning. I feel grumpy today, so please feel free to ignore me! There's nothing wrong with me physically or mentally, well mentally there's probably something! I'm just having a grumpy day. Luckily I don't have mindees til after school, so there's time to get my mojo back!

BTW, I hate that expression 'playdate' What's all that about? Was I asleep when we covered stupid expressions on my training? Just don't like it! See. Told you I was grumpy!

looneytune · 06/09/2007 10:40

Morning all.

Mo - don't worry, I'm also grumpy today too. But that's more to do with being extremely tired! So is dh and ds had to be woken this morning and then was very very sleepy so maybe something going round???

I'm really pissed off this morning. Last night the mum of 2 sisters I have said she's going away again so the girls are staying with grandparents. So.....I was very excited thinking I had next Monday and Tuesday morning to myself. Ds is in nursery and I thought yeah, I'll get him in lunch club then I'll be ALL ALONE from 9ish til 12.45 .....then I remembered I've got my first ever mindee on Mon and Tues next week and then that's it for her adhoc care. So annoyed as I may as well collect ds at 11.30 so they can play together but I'd already started to think of so many plans for my free morning of catching up with work!!! Part of me thinks I should tell them I'm off sick and refund them - will serve them right for messing up last week when I had the Dr's!!!! But I can't do that can I?!? Well.....they are moving away from the area.......oh no, that's just naughty isn't it! SO ANNOYED!!!

Rant is everyone? Did everyone else really suffer with the muggyness (is that a word? ) yesterday? It's very grey here today but it was like that yesterday too.

crace · 06/09/2007 10:44

Fair enough Mo! however.... what would you call it?

MaureenMLove · 06/09/2007 10:51

I have no idea Crace! i don't think there is any other way of saying it! Its just one of those expressions that I don't like! Hope you don't think I was being offensive to you personally, its just the expression I don't like!

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 11:18

looneytune, have you got carbon monoxide detector?, seems odd you all feel like that and ds had to be woken?..may be totally dramatising it here tho!

looneytune · 06/09/2007 11:22

We do have one of those strips on the wall that's supposed to show dark bits if danger - looks normal.

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 11:29

prob be ok then, we have the wall mounted alarm that blasts wails out if the air changes, well worth the money, i had the cards with colour circles on but thought the proper ones were much better, more peace of mind.

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 11:30

surestart/c.i.s sell them cheaper to parents and cm's

looneytune · 06/09/2007 11:33

Oh, will have a look - thanks for that I must say dh and I have been having late night and I did pounce on him around 2am this morning (sorry TMI - ttc ) and we were both tired then. Ds could just be extra tired from starting back at nursery

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 11:35

see i told you id got hold of wrong end of stick

looneytune · 06/09/2007 11:38

As long as it wasn't my dh's stick, I'll let you off!

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 11:40

LOL, no, my dp's last night ...must have been something in the air!!!!LOL

looneytune · 06/09/2007 11:47


So......what do I do about next Mon & Tues???? I really have to work it don't I! I've never even thought about doing a sicky before, not with childminding....just so annoyed about how she was with me last week and the fact I spent a day agonising about what to do....I sort of want to make her have to sort something for herself. I know....I'm being horrible - it's soooo not like me!!! See....told you I was also in a grumpy mood!

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 11:52

your business, your descision, if your eally nee/want the time off, tell her you have other planbs as she hadnt confirmed anything with you and leave it at that, no explanation! ahrd

i was totally miffed this morn..only one mindee today..dd's first day at reception and doors opend at half 8 to go in with them, look around, settle etc! mindee comes at 8.30 said to mum can you either meet me at school at 8.30 or drop LO off 8.15 so we have time to walk round so we arn't late for dd..she said she be here at mum..text them saying well have to meet at there just after us, no sorry no 'we were runing late' nothing am so sick of the disregard

KaySamuels · 06/09/2007 12:00

PC - I would stop chasing her if she is late, stick a sign on your door 'gone out for school run' leave bang on time every day, she will be put out a couple of times then hopefully the penny will drop. Little ones hate being late for school IME and you shouldn't have to put your dd through it too.

LT - I would be tempted too in your situation!

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 12:10

im going to Kay, i have done it before, but i fanny around texting to make time for her to get here, am v.p*ssed of with her doing this today of all days and its not rare...dd now back at school, i can get there for 8.30, so i will be leaving dead on 8.30 each day, get there for about twenty to and if theyre not here, they meet me in the classroom, i wont even wait outside 'incase' they turn up!

looneytune · 06/09/2007 12:29

PinkChick - I can't use that excuse as it's already been paid for - she DID tell me when I was needed a couple of weeks ago on her first day. I then said I couldn't do last Thurs and Fri which she thought was THIS Thurs and Fri. So ended up not being needed today and tomorrow as dad took time off. It's just she knew how very important the Dr's was, how worked up I was etc and she was just like 'well, I have no one to have her' like it was my problem!! Ok, I should have just said 'your mistake' and not done it but it's the way it went that I was too soft as usual. I spent a day in a right state until my brother helped out. As for your situation...I totally agree, that's what you should do!!

Kaysamuels - glad you can see where I'm coming from It's so unlike me but I really could do so much in that time if I'm on my own. Of course I'd refund her. BTW...sent you MSN for when you are back did the Dr's go?

PinkChick · 06/09/2007 12:32

if you would feel better about it and are willing to refund, then let her know something has come up..if they are leaving after this, you dont have to maintain relationship and iff couple of days break means you will be a lot happier, then do it!, but if you do, tell her asap.

Neighboursfan · 06/09/2007 12:33

Hi all, just to let you know that I've changed my screen name from mummykench - thought it was giving away a bit too much information! I feel a bit rejected today - mum of 15 month old chose a different childminder. I'm secretly quite relieved as I was looking for someone older - I hope it wasn't something I said or did that put her off!

ju · 06/09/2007 12:48

Hello all. We all seem a bit out of sorts this week....I diagnose backtoschoolitis Hope you all have a good day

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