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What shall I do with DD for her 2nd birthday - I have taken the day off work but can't decide what she would like best - she and DS would normally be with childminder

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IdrisTheDragon · 05/09/2007 15:12

DD and DS would normally be at the childminder (he is 3.9).

I was intending that DD and I would do something together, but after DS had his first session back at pre-school yesterday and she kept saying "Where DS? Where DS?" I am wondering whether she would like that or not. I'm pretty sure that there would be some amount of fun made of her at the childminders, but don't really think that me having the day off on my own would be right.

Childminders - do your mindees normally have the day off on their birthday? Would it think it weird if they did/didn't?

OP posts:

bozza · 05/09/2007 15:14

Well my DD goes to nursery but when she turned 3 I booked the day off. But I asked her what she wanted to do and she said go to nursery, so I thought I would still take the day so that we could open presents leisurely then she could go to nursery when I took DS to school. But once she got her presents she changed her mind about going....

So I would allow some time for present playing. Then what activities does she enjoy? Park, soft play, feeding ducks?


mummydoc · 05/09/2007 15:27

I am taking dd2 who is 3 in a ocuple of weeks to the zoo for the day on her birthday just her and me , really looking ofrward to it, not sure if it is for he ror me really , we so rarely get time just us on our own.


bozza · 05/09/2007 15:31

yes zoo or farm might be good.


Baffy · 05/09/2007 15:33

zoo, farm, beach...

or even to park, feed ducks, play on swings etc

plus lots of time for playing with presents and generally having a good time!


IdrisTheDragon · 05/09/2007 15:44

Thank you everyone .

I think it is going to be for me a bit as well as DD - she and I don't often have lots of time together (have some when DS is at pre-school but it's only a bit and I'm generally running around like a mad thing).

Think we might go back to the childminders a bit early and maybe have some cake etc there.

OP posts:

dmo · 05/09/2007 16:48

i'm a childminder and always find it funny that parents book the day off on their childs birthday but still send their child to me
we always go out for the day on ds's birthday (i'm lucky that its in the summer hols)
ideas are:
ball pool/soft play


IdrisTheDragon · 05/09/2007 19:41

Have decided DD and I will go out and have Fun. And then go to childminders at about 3 or 4 o clock. Childminders think this is a good idea too .

OP posts:

Rubybees · 05/09/2007 20:54

If it's a childs birthday I've never had parents take the day off they normal do something at the weekend.

My own dd birthday falls in the hols so we all went to the safari park (as I was working) and had a great time


bozza · 06/09/2007 09:16

I have always taken the day off for my children's birthdays although not for mine or DH's. DS's birthday has always fallen at half term, but this year it will not be because of Easter being early. I think I will work half a day, so we can open his presents in the morning (I am normally out of the house at 7.20 and DC not up until 7) and I can collect him from school so he can come home and play with his presents.

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