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a leetle bit confused about why my (in-training) nanny's college is making demands of me

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Tutter · 05/09/2007 13:21

our nanny/mothers help is doing her nvq3 in childcare - involves her going to college a day every fortnight, and doing work at home

not related to her contract of employment with us (full-time)

her assessor comes here (with my agreement of course) from time to time to discuss progress and observe her with ds1

she (the assessor) has also asked to see evidence relating to health and safety - so has asked me to show her a copy of our insurance schedule to prove we have employers liability. and asked me to show her the first aid kit

not a big deal, but has she any rights here?

(am a tad miffed because apparently she said to our nanny "you do know that ds2's bouncy chair shouldn't be on a table don't you?") (knowing full well that it was me that had put it there)

OP posts:

ProjectIcarusinhercar · 05/09/2007 13:25

Is it to check up on the Nanny to make sure that she isn't telling porkies perhaps? Rather than checking on you.


omega2 · 05/09/2007 13:35

didn't know nanny employees had to have liability insurance - not sure what that has to do with your nanny tho

contact the college and find out what the assessor can and can't ask about


nannynick · 05/09/2007 19:23

Sounds as though the assessor is just to visiting nurseries, not people's homes. Some rules just don't apply in a private home.
Insurance wise - household contents/buildings insurance often provides Employer Liability cover for a domestic employee. First Aid kit - could easily be a kitchen or bathroom cupboard, where you keep a small supply of useful things.

The trouble with childcare courses, is that they are frequently designed for those working in nurseries / pre-schools, not those working in a home environment.

Remember, the assessor has to be invited into your home (so you don't have to invite them in, and can tell them to leave at any point). They also have no 'powers' to make you change anything you do.


nannynick · 05/09/2007 19:24

just, where did that come from. I meant 'used to visiting nurseries'


fridayschild · 05/09/2007 19:43

Surely the real difficulty is that if you do not allow the assessor access, (and humour her to some extent) your nanny/mother's help cannot get her NVQ unless she goes to work for someone else?

And might the assessor have duties to make sure her student is employed in a safe environment? I think you should be covered by your home insurance, and you should have a first aid kit of some sort anyway, surely? I think you need to just rise above the bouncy chair comment.

We once had a nanny doing her NVQ and the assessor apparently insisted that the boys (who were 12 months old at that point) made cakes, at a stage in their lives when they did not take refined sugar of any sort. It took considerable negotiation from my nanny share partner to reach a compromise of cheese scones.


Millarkie · 05/09/2007 21:18

Sounds strange to me - I could understand if she asked your nanny to show her the first aid kit since it is important that she knows where it is - but why you? Could you ring the college and speak to someone - assessor's supervisor?

Mind you, I once interviewed a nanny who looked about my living room and said 'well, I'd have to do a risk assessment, of course' (?!) She was the same one who asked my children's names and then (after hearing that they are slightly unusual) said ' well, don't expect me to use them'. - Did not get the job


Tutter · 06/09/2007 08:40

thanks all

there isn't a problem here - have happily let her come and talk to our nanny here about the course. just dawned on me that it was a bit odd that i was being asked to do things and given dates for these things to be actioned by!! it feels as though i'm being assessed too

tbh it was useful to have the insurance thing pointed out to me - wouldn't have occurred to me otherwise

OP posts:

islandofsodor · 09/09/2007 00:46

We have employees doing NVQ's in another industry and part of their course is being aware of health & safety and knowing what their and their employer's responsibilities are. They have to provide evidence (copies of certificates etc) in their portfolios.


McEdam · 09/09/2007 00:51

I think nannynick is right and the assessor is just used to visiting nurseries. Had the same thing with my nanny when she was doing her NVQ. Assessor told her she should be keeping a fire rucksack (packed full of emergency supplies) by both external doors. Which would A. be in my bloody way and B. be a bit pointless as said doors are about 20 feet apart.

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