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******************STAFF ROOM TUESDAY *************************

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ju · 04/09/2007 00:09

Well it's just gone midnight and I've had a blinking awful day. Two close relatives battling against cervical cancer and now I find out today my mum has rheumatoid arthritis, a progressive degenerative disease with no cure. DSs back to school in the morning then 3 mindees all day til 7pm. Grim grim grim

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looneytune · 04/09/2007 08:30

Oh no {{{ hugs }}}

I really have to rush off to school but couldn't not post when I read this!

Be back after school run xxx


Katymac · 04/09/2007 08:32

Morning all - back to school today

Hope today goes well Ju.


looneytune · 04/09/2007 09:30


How are you this morning Ju? (considering it was very very early this morning that you posted)

well, I've dropped ds off at school and just waiting for 2 sisters to be dropped off. It's so quiet!

Remind me not to be so smug, they just turned up!!!


MaureenMLove · 04/09/2007 09:36

Morning all, catch up proper at lunch time. Just off with mindee and dd, to finish getting secondary school stuff for tomorrow and then to toddler time at library. I thought I'd got it all, but I forgot the colouring pens and pencils. Tried to fob her off with stuff I've got, but she wants Crayola! Who woudn't, lets face it!


ju · 04/09/2007 10:43

Hi girls. Heigh ho, I've rolled up my sleves and am plodding on. Lost my dad two years ago and am feeling a bit surrounded by gloom and doom. Sorry to offload on you all. Thank gawd cos DP has gone into his 'cave', you know, the place where all men go where it's safe and quiet. Sigh. I'll pop in later, got a v busy day . Thanks for your hugs. x

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dmo · 04/09/2007 13:46

hope your ok ju

bit worried at mo my sons first day at high school and school bus came passed half hour ago and all the children who walked are now home
thinking son has got on the wrong bus or something, feelin bit sick. phoned dh he said if he isnt home by 2pm to phone him again


MaureenMLove · 04/09/2007 14:01

Oh god DMO! I'm sure he's perfectly fine, but I know exactly how you are feeling right now. DD is starting tomorrow and I jus know I'll be standing by the window at 3.30!


dmo · 04/09/2007 14:19

he is home
got the wrong bus with his friend think it worried him, but he is fine he loves it at school


dmo · 04/09/2007 14:22

good luck to your dd tomo hope she loves it maureenlove


MaureenMLove · 04/09/2007 14:26

Thanks god! I thought after all the emotions of the last week in year 6,that was it! No one warned me I'd be a wreck again! Actually, I was fine until you said ds gone missing! I've been pacing for you for the last half hour! Luckily, we only live 15min, easy walk from school, so we should be OK.


looneytune · 04/09/2007 15:08

ju - hope you're ok. I know what you mean about the 'cave', crap isn't it, especially when you could really do with some support right now!

dmo - thank god for that, you must have been so worried!

Mo - good luck for tomorrow, sure she'll be fine

Right, kettle is on and there's chocolate chip muffins for all so come and help yourself to one of these I'm celebrating my test results are ok atm! Not worrying about the Dr saying time isn't on my side, just going to get on with things and try some things if I have a problem later (found out there are alternative therapies which are good). So....who's for tea, who's for coffee..????


Shoshable · 04/09/2007 15:24

Ok as 'big one gone, so from tomorrow its jus m and the LO's, so its goin to be lovely


ju · 04/09/2007 22:24

Thanks girls, hectic day, 2 mindees don't go til 7pm on Tuesdays, mad whirl but just as well to keep busy. I'll pop in tomorrow.

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