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If you do pick up and drop off...

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Earthymama · 03/09/2007 21:44

of a 5 yr old, so you have gap from 9 til 3pm do you charge retainer for the school hours as it means you are using one of your under 8 places? I'd be having him on inset days and during the hols.

Some advice, but don't be upset if I don't get back straight away as 90 year old mother just home from hospital, and I'm on pins with worry.

OP posts:

Katymac · 03/09/2007 21:59

Hope your mum is OK,

No - Your under 8 places (ie for children 5-8) are only for before & after school plus holidays

You can't charge while a child is at school (only while at nursery)


Katymac · 03/09/2007 22:00

Sorry I'm assuming you are in England - don't know if it's different for Scotland or Wales


ThePrisoner · 03/09/2007 22:04

Simple answer - no!

As Katymac has said, it's using one of your places in the 5-8 years group, which will always be children before/after school and during school holidays at most. CMs wouldn't charge when they're at school.

Hope your mum is OK.


Earthymama · 03/09/2007 22:19

I thought it was that case but I'mn sure the inspector said I can only have 3 under 8 at any one time! I'm in Wales.
I'll do some research when I get the time,
Thanks for your replies

OP posts:

Katymac · 03/09/2007 22:24

How old are your children?


Earthymama · 04/09/2007 08:39

Good Morning. If you mean my OWN children far too old to need inclusion in my figures, I'm a grandmother!!
Minded children; in October I'll have 9 month old baby, 2 yr 10 month toddler, and 3 yr old at nursery in the morning, with me for rest of day. This drop off child is 5.
Got a one-off drop to school so see you later.

OP posts:

Shoshable · 04/09/2007 08:45

earthy unless Wsles id different, you can only have 3 under FIVE at anyontime, unless you have a variation. so you look like you are over your numbers in the afternoon, or do some only come mornings, but what happens in the holidays, do you have the 3 year old all day?

And here although got a feeling it is different in Wales, you can only have 1 under ONE, unless a varitaion is in place, but as I said think in Wales it might be you can have 3 under 18 months?


Earthymama · 04/09/2007 09:51

I've just read this on NCMA site, thought I was right; as pick up child is 5 it'll be ok. I think I'm registered for 3 under 8. I need to speak to inspector and ask for an increase on the understanding it's for an hour after school usually, as I've had a query for a nursery pick up from the same school.

In Wales, the maximum number of children for whom a childminder can care is as follows:

Six children under 8 years of age
Of those six children, no more than three may be under 5
Of those three children, normally no more than two may be under 18 months of age, though exceptions may be made for siblings
Thanks for your help.

OP posts:

looneytune · 04/09/2007 12:17

What does your certificate say? That's what's important and as you don't have young children of your own, you don't have any confusion as it's just what's on the certificate (us with younger children of our own have our children removed so the certificate is how many MINDED children you can have).

If the certificate says 3 under 8 then yes, unless they agree a variation, you can't do it.

Back to original, you can't charge as it's all day school so you'd only ever have them before/after school and holidays so they are not stopping you getting another mindee. It's nursery hours a lot of childminders charge for as the children are under 5 and therefore using a full time space iyswim.

Good luck with the variation if needed

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