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Pregnant childminder with vacancies

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newcm · 03/09/2007 16:44

Just found out that i am pregnant last week, but i only have an after school mindee and am still looking to fill vacancies. I am just wondering what peoples views were on me taking on mindees, knowing that i would only be able to care for them for the next 7 months. I obviously still need the money and therefore need to work, but i can't help feeling, as a parent myself, that if i sent my son to a childminder and then found out that she was pg a few months later a bit miffed.

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looneytune · 03/09/2007 17:07

Well I'm a childminder and ttc myself but it could take a while. I've got new people starting in January but because I don't even know if I will conceive anyway, I'm not saying anything to parents. Anyway, it won't affect them much if it happens anyway. Your case is different as you now know you're pregnant so if I were you, I personally would tell people at meetings and let them decide. Best thing to do first imo is think about what you plan on doing i.e. will you have a maternity leave? How long do you think you'll be off for?

Congratulations btw

looneytune · 03/09/2007 17:08

Another could advertise for short term care / adhoc care? Some people do real well out of this.

newcm · 03/09/2007 17:14

Thanks. I just don't want people to feel that i have mislead them. I think i might try the temp route. not sure where to advertise though, might try nurseries, libraries etc. Hope you get some luck soon.

OP posts:
JennaJ · 04/09/2007 18:01

How about getting an assistant to help while you are having the baby? As long as you do it all properly with ofsted you should only have to take off the week or so that you have the baby..ok so you won't be making much money while you have the assistant for however long you keep her after having bubba but at least you can take on newbies and keep any existing children.

Just a thought

looneytune · 04/09/2007 19:54

Good point, this is what I'm planning on doing if and when I'm in the same situation! Didn't mention it before as some people want longer off. I just decided that my business at the moment is doing really well with new starters in the pipeline for Jan and Easter. It's worth the loss of income for me as I get to keep my business.

Jazzylain · 07/09/2007 15:38

hi there Im 10 weeks pregnant myself and told the family I worked for... but now they dont want me to work for them anymore. which is not bad for me as they had 3 small children and it was abit much for me.
But now im in the same situation as I need the money and need to work. but I can imagine that noone would want a pregnat temp. childminder!? what do u think? Or do any parents have an opinion on this? Thanks Jessie

looneytune · 07/09/2007 16:11

Oh gosh, is this because you were going to take a maternity leave or because they didn't want a pregnant person looking after their LO? How were they about it?

newcm · 07/09/2007 20:42

Well i'm only 6 wks and haven't told anyone yet. Just now i have a boy who comes for 16 hrs per week, but will be leaving in jan so that isn't a problem. I'm really dreading telling the after school parent, as we get on really well and the child really enjoys coming to me. I have put my name on a list for temporary care for parents trying to get back to work, so hopefully i will get something temp. Its really difficult to know how to go about things but one things for sure, i still need to earn!!!

OP posts:
1dilemma · 07/09/2007 21:02

umm speaking as a parent I'd be pretty pissed off if I found out my cm knew she was pregnant when taking me on and didn't tell us but my lo is very young. How long do you intend to have off? You might find people who don't mind, they may be pregnant themselves

Jazzylain · 09/09/2007 10:39

Hi I have been working for them for a while and told them as soon as i found out I was pregnant.
I dont know the real reason for it I asked her but she didnt give me an answer so I dont know. I told her I can work for her maybe up to Feb. and then I´ll see how its all going woth the baby.
I will probably put some adds up for a temp. childminder and mention that Im pregnant but would work up until FEB.
But Im not sure if anyone would want that.
I really need the income as we have to move into a 2 bedroom house now.
I don´t really know whats the best thing to do. ...

1dilemma · 09/09/2007 23:00

Don't know where you all are but I would have thought there is a call for temp minders it's just getting your details out there, also people often want someone to do a bit of ad hoc looking after eg one afternoon for hospital trips. What I can't tell you I'm afraid is how to get those people to find you! (providing you would consider doing that) what about childminding network some on here seem to find them helpful and don't they share the calls around if they are full?

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