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Staff Room ........................Friday

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Shoshable · 31/08/2007 07:55

After a great day out in Portsmouth, we got stuck behind a accident on the M27 on the way back a 1.5 hour journey becam a 3.5, with 5 kids in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
saltire · 31/08/2007 08:03

HI Shosha, I posted on yesterday's thread, I meant to get in touch with you about the trip and I completely forgot sorry.
Anyway, you may have missed it, but my CM 1 and 2 forms arrived yesterday!
DH got stuck in traffic yesterday because of the accident, he wasn't on the M27, but everyone coming off it onto back roads then of course blocked all the B-roads didn't they? He left work at 4.50 and got honme at 6.10. He only travelled 9 miles

Katymac · 31/08/2007 08:05

Moring all

How are things?

Great news about the CM1&2
Shame about the traffic jam

Shoshable · 31/08/2007 08:06

saltire we did 301 miles in two hours!!!!! and so pleased that your forms are through.

OP posts:
Katymac · 31/08/2007 08:07

Are you sure that's 150 miles an hour?

saltire · 31/08/2007 08:10

Katy, I could believe shosha was in a traffic jam for all that time, on a normal working day DH leaves work at 5.30 and can get home anytime between 6pm and 7pm depending on traffic, it's a nightmare round the Portsmouth/fareham/M27 at certain times of day, and an accident can cause the most horrific hold ups

Shoshable · 31/08/2007 08:11

that was suppose to be 3.1 miles!!

OP posts:
saltire · 31/08/2007 08:12

Got that the wrong way round, didn't I? I've confused myself now.

Shoshable · 31/08/2007 08:12

i wasnt in a speed moble honest God I wish I had been and I was dying for the loo as well.

OP posts:
saltire · 31/08/2007 08:14

You could have come off at Fareham and came to mine, which would have been a good idea, except you don't know my address. Littlelapin lives around here, so does Madge7,take your pick

Katymac · 31/08/2007 08:14
Shoshable · 31/08/2007 08:16

anybody would have done I was that desperate, trouble is didnt know any of the area and didnt dare deviate from the satnav.

Have you ever tried driving with crossed legs!

OP posts:
KaySamuels · 31/08/2007 08:44

Morning everyone!

That traffic jam sounds awful! Just caught up on yesterdays staf room - been upset so not been online. Remember the little mindee who broke his leg on trampoline? Well had heard back from Ofsted everything fine won't hear from us again. Wednesday got a call from them that his mum has raised 'concerns' with them. They have sent me loads more questions, and have had to do another huge report back to them. I am soo upset as I thought his mum was ok, have spoken several times since he did it and honestly thought she was fine. Why didn't she come to me, she could have phoned me or text, I could have gone to her to talk. During conversations she has said 'boys will be boys', 'it's just life' and 'don't worry about it'. I even waived her fees while he and his sis are off (a big wedge of my income) as I felt bad that his mum would be struggling! So now I am struggling, and have all this on my plate too!

I now have it on my mind constantly (it's in my complaints file, and I'm waiting to hear back again from Ofsted), my hands are shaking all the time, I'm tearful and irritable, dp has made me book a docs appointment for next week - I have been fighting pnd since I had ds and this is just too much now, think I need some ADs.

Will this show up on my records for parents? I am gutted, nothing I could have done, just one of thoe things.

Shoshable · 31/08/2007 08:49

Oh Kay, that is awful, why didnt she come to you, do you know what the 'concerns' are?

How long have you looked after them.

we are here love MSN if you would prefer.

OP posts:
saltire · 31/08/2007 08:55

Aww Kay, thats awful. DO you know what the "concerns" are? Surely if she had said everything was ok, then she should have left it at that, especially if OFSTED are ok.

Perhaps some ADs is a good idea, even a mild dose, just for a while. Remember we are all here.

Katymac · 31/08/2007 08:57

Oh poor you - how sad

How old was the child on the trampoline? I worry everytime a child goes on mine

KaySamuels · 31/08/2007 09:20

He is 4. I worry too - main reason I don't have one ironically (we were on a play date at time, not at my house).

FeelingOld · 31/08/2007 09:22

Hi everyone. Blimey made it into staffroom 2 days running!!
Baby asleep, 2 other mindees arriving in 5 minutes so making the most of my quiet time.

Sorry to hear about your probs Kay, hope it all gets sorted soon.

Katymac - we came to your neck of the woods camping and the weather was appalling for 3 days (it was the sun/mon you had the severe weather warning with all the wind and the rain). Saw signs for Fleggburgh as we were at Hemsby.

Hope you all have a good day, off to cm group in a few minutes so may not make it on again.

KaySamuels · 31/08/2007 09:31

Her concerns range are 3 minor things, one of which is a lie, I am not worried about these concerns, have responded well to Ofsted and am confident about what I do, it's more the added stress, the about turn from mum, and the way it has all been gone about.

looneytune · 31/08/2007 09:34

Morning all

Sorry I didn't come back to the staffroom yesterday after some of your posts (was getting really down and decided I needed to snap myself out of it so kept myself busy)

I agree about the holiday thing and have calmed down a lot, think it was more to do with me being fed up about the other parent tbh. I still think I should put something in my t&c's about a certain amount of notice for canceling holidays Will have a think.

Well.....mindees mum dropped her off this morning (the one I'm annoyed with) and said to her dd 'you want to have something to eat? LT can get you something' and I turned round and said 'well she won't be able to have cereal I'm afraid as ds has used the last of the milk as it wasn't needed for anyone else' and she said 'oh well dd, you can have something else if you want'. No ASKING me if that's ok the have breakfast. BTW, I'm not at all bothered about feeding a hungry child because they didn't have breakfast, I just thought it was very rude of the mum to be like this and not a simple 'LT, she may be a bit hunry, don't suppose you have something she could have for breakfast?'!!! Am I asking too much for a bit of manners???? Bloody parents!! .

Shoshable - great that you enjoyed your day out but OMG at 5 kids in the car that long!!! Were you back in time for collections?

Saltire - did I say GREAT NEWS about you forms??? Sorry if I didn't, was a bit in a world of my own yesterday!

KaySamuels - oh no, that is terrible I just don't get it? If the family are still going to use you, I would have thought it would be more comfortable all round for her to speak to you rather than go to OFSTED behind your back. What's she said? I don't understand why she's been saying boys will be boys etc (which they will) and then done this. Is it definitely HER that's made the concern? And if you've been fighting PND, get AD's if you need them. Mine was terrible before I realised I needed help (long time ago now). I did go on AD's but only for a short while as I was lucky that I had crystal/reiki healing and within 48 hrs I was totally cured - it was amazing. However, had that not helped, I would have carried on with the tablets. Certainly see the Dr!! {{{ hugs }}}. I'm also on MSN if you want to [email protected]

Right, I need to get some playfood as the kids have been playing in the den I built earlier and now they want a picnic in it

looneytune · 31/08/2007 09:38

FeelingOld - glad you made it back, just re-read yesterday's staffroom and noticed a message from you that I hadn't noticed yesterday. Sorry you've had all that to go through and now possibly this to go through And sorry if it appeared I ignored what you'd said!

BradfordMum · 31/08/2007 11:01

Morning all - I'm trying to keep myself busy.

Only mindie is asleep and DS takes his driving test at 11.41.

I'm a bag of nerves!!

Sally x

BradfordMum · 31/08/2007 13:50

Byhe way - He passed.

looneytune · 31/08/2007 13:52

Oh, hello Didn't see your post earlier. Well done ds!!!

PinkChick · 31/08/2007 14:26

Kay could this be a cock up on ofsted's behalf? i mean could someone have got hold of it AGAIn 'after' it has been sorted out and are now raising the subject again????

if not, i would speak to parent, ring her arrange to meet, is she bringing the children back to you? cos i assume she wont be after this so watch yourself and find out whats happening so you can put your feelers out..good luck chick.x

PinkChick · 31/08/2007 14:38

my mum has made us a huuuge chocolate orange fudge cake with choc fudge icing and milky way magic stars on top...i have had a piece the size of my fist....i feel......bleuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutrgh

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