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CM CLUB Advice needed regarding expenses

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DJGemini · 23/08/2007 13:30

Hi CM's

I'm about to file my first Tax return aargh!

I'm confused about a few things! when listing my expenses.

  1. Milk allowance for Under 5's - the tel. no. in NCMA Accounts book is unobtainable. Do you claim back a refund? Or simply add one-third of the cost of a pint per day per child under 5?

  2. Is the "10 hours worked /claim 8% & 2%" the min amount we can claim for?
    I have worked out that I can claim 42p per week for council tax. ?!
    To be honest, I have earned very little CM this year, I was not going to claim for such minor expenses, however because I was in employment for a few months of the tax year, my self employed earnings added to that may take me over the threshold to pay tax.
    I therefore should claim for everything that I am entitled to - shouldn't i?!

    Any advice is very much appreciated, thanks
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ayla99 · 24/08/2007 09:11
  1. milk allowance. You have to register with the Health Departments Welfare Food Scheme. forget phoning (its 08707 203055 btw) and write to HDRU, PO Box 504, Leicester LE94 0AE. enclose a copy of your ofsted registration. They then send you forms which you have to complete & return within 2 years of the claim period and they pay you direct to your bank.

2. claim for everything you're entitled to. I've got items in my accounts of under 10p its still expenses! If you worked part time you have to scale it down - the figures in the NCMA book are just examples to help you. If you only worked 5 hours you have to reduce it again. divide number of hours you worked by 40.

OFSTEDoutstanding · 24/08/2007 10:41

Hi Definitely claim for everything! I made a £90 loss my first year and so far this year have only made about £140! It is worth claiming back everything! You don't want a bill if you can help it

DJGemini · 26/08/2007 14:29

Thank you V much

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bambi06 · 26/08/2007 14:40


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