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CM Club.......Thursday........Yay

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hennipenni · 23/08/2007 09:16

I get to open the staff room!!

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looneytune · 23/08/2007 09:24

Morning henni What you up to today?

crace · 23/08/2007 09:36

Hi ya'll - wet and miserable here in Kent Indoor craft and then off to find some puddles for serious puddle splashing!

crace · 23/08/2007 09:36

Hi ya'll - wet and miserable here in Kent Indoor craft and then off to find some puddles for serious puddle splashing!

crace · 23/08/2007 09:36

Sigh - darn - one of those days for sure

ju · 23/08/2007 09:54

Hi all ! Blazing hot sunshine again how amazing is that ? Off on another picnic, I am making hay whilst the sun shines. It won't last. How crap is your weather crace, that is just not fair.

looneytune · 23/08/2007 09:55

Yeah, same here! Baby is having her nap and should stay asleep til around 11am. Just off to make 2 different lots of playdoh (ds wants orange and mindee wants blue!!!) Oh well, I'll get that done and then hopefully they'll have a nice long play with it (whilst fighting over who has the hairdressing chair!)

looneytune · 23/08/2007 09:55

ju - where are you???

ju · 23/08/2007 10:15

Gloucestershire. It was boiling yesterday, took DSs and mindee to look at Go Ape participants (basically a rope-walk in the tree tops with lots of obstacles to negotiate) then a huge walk picnic then feeding ducks. Waiting for mindee now then down to local park to try out new mini- assault course, picnic, walk, ducks....

LoveMyGirls · 23/08/2007 10:37

Morning, what a morning, ive taken dd2 to the docs and she has def got CP! So can anyone please look at my thread and also any ideas for staying in everyday for the next 5 days at least?

hennipenni · 23/08/2007 10:54

It's fantastic weather here today, my 3 dds have all gone out for the day, which is lovely but they're all due back at the same time as the lady who is coming to see me today about childcare.

I have been busy getting all my files and paperwork sorted for today (hate paperwork, so I don't do it!), I asked four sets of parents for a reference to show her and only got one back, and I still can't fin the rest of my inspection report- still I've got the beginning and end so at least she can see what I do well!

Right, of out to the park with 2 mindees, see's u'all later. Bye.

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maureenmlove · 23/08/2007 10:59

Morning gang. Want some?
Still fed up after plaster babies mum denied knowing about my day off on Tuesday. DH is upset, but actually not as bad as I thought. He said we'll all come on together on Monday night. I txt mum this morning and just said 'I've decided to go away and come home on my own' I thought she might pull some strings and get the day off somehow, but she's not budging. Lesson to us all I think. No matter how little the request, get it in writting.

maureenmlove · 23/08/2007 11:00

Is the weather really bad with you crace? I'm going to Winchelsea. What's the outlook. Its bleak with me, but that might just be my mood!

looneytune · 23/08/2007 11:12

Oh mo - thanks sooooo much, was dreaming off ice cream last night and then bloomin period arrived this morning which explains why!!! (not happy as ttc atm). I can't get over how you bent over backwards to get that special teddy for them and then they do this!!! They must have someone who can cover when you're closed due to sickness at last min?! PARENTS!!!! GRRRR

Weather is horrible here. Really cold, dark, wet, miserable boo hoo. They did say the SE were going to get this until tomorrow I think but I didn't know it was really nice in other areas!

Off to make a cuppa then will tuck into the ice cream (hmmmm, do they both really go together oh, who cares!!!)

maureenmlove · 23/08/2007 11:32

Chalk it up to experience, I think! Can't believe myself that after 12 years in the job, I got complacent(sp?) about it tbh! Hey ho - I'll get 'em back! I can understand a bit. Poor little thing has only ever had me looking after her and since she's in plaster too, its not going to be easy for mum to find someone willing to have her. Its a big responsiblity. Anyway, we'll move on. I'm going to a garden party this afternoon! My mum is having her cronies round and dd and me have been invited. I had to make a cake for them yesterday and now I've got to go and be chatty with a bunch of over 60's! One of which is my first boyfriends mother! Live is good, ain't it!

crace · 23/08/2007 12:03

No meant to be lovely this weekend Mo - sorry about the mess with day off, not much you can do reallly is there?

looneytune · 23/08/2007 12:31

Sorry LMG's - just realised I never mentioned I'd replied to your thread - don't want you to think I was ignoring you

hennipenni · 23/08/2007 14:52

Well, my lady cancelled tjis afternoon, oh well, at least I now have all my files upto date and a clean house!

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