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I am new to having an au pair, I'd love advice from old hands!

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Leonaura · 21/08/2007 21:13

Do we as the employing family, pay for flight to get here and for college fees?

Our au pair is from Sweden and I know she doesn't need a work permit, is there any other paperwork we need?

Many thanks


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claire7676 · 22/08/2007 00:44

The travel is normally paid for by any agency your au pair joined to get work in the UK. We have paid for our au pairs English tuition (we are in Norfolk so thought it would be a perk) we try to treat her like a member of the family, and it has paid of in that she is happy (rubs off on the children, she is always happy to play with them) and she is due to go home now and has recommended her sister comes to us. We believe that you get back how you treat people, and it has worked for us!

scienceteacher · 22/08/2007 04:55

The au pair pays her own flight, but you pay for getting her from the airport to your house (normally, you'd pick her up yourself, but if she needs to get a coach, you would pay the fare).

College fees, she pays, but sometimes families help out with upfront costs, or do something like pay for the books or the fares to get there. But this is basically part of the pocket money.

No paperwork is needed other than her passport.

MightyMoosh · 22/08/2007 11:36

Paying for or partly for a flight should really make her happy, and as you are paying pocket money which is minimal (unless you're offering more) it really helps. Or offer to pay as bonus after shes completed 6 months or whatever, a good incentive.

scienceteacher · 22/08/2007 13:29

I would not pay for a first flight to the UK. You really don't know what they are like until you meet them face to face. Although it is unlikely, it's possible she could do a runner as soon as she arrives.

I know folks who pay for a flight home at Christmas which doubles up as a Christmas present.

I'm a firm believer in not giving perks, but instead giving the extra in the regular pocket money. It's different if the perks don't actually cost you, or you get at reduced price (eg a family gym membership), but if you are buying it at full price, you might as well up her pay and let her buy it herself.

Leonaura · 22/08/2007 23:02

thanks for the good advice: I think I'll go with the option of paying for the Christmas flight home,


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