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CM CLUB Can this go through my accounts or am I pushing my luck?

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 21/08/2007 09:27

Hi I have just spent alot of money on a new computer for business use and use by mindeees, can it go through my accounts, it will only be used for business and children as we have a different one upstairs that we use for personal as we are fed up with older mindees messing up our files etc. What do you think can I do it?

OP posts:

Bubble99 · 21/08/2007 09:39

Yes. I'm a nursery owner and we have a computer in our pre-school room.

OFSTED require pre-schoolers to have access to computers, anyway, so it won't be a problem.


sunnyshine · 21/08/2007 09:41

will have to go through as a capital allowance i think. thats what i was told.


Shoshable · 21/08/2007 09:48

I put my PC through, we have alaptop for personal use.


OFSTEDoutstanding · 21/08/2007 09:51

what is capital allowance? I really dont understand accounts at all

OP posts:

jura · 21/08/2007 10:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OFSTEDoutstanding · 21/08/2007 14:17

So does that mean I definitely can't do it all at once?

OP posts:

ChasingSquirrels · 21/08/2007 14:30

definately capital allowances - which works on a reducing balance basis 25% each year. But first year allowances are currently 50% so you get that in the first year then 25% thereafter. So;
yr 1: 50% (leaving 50%)
yr 2: 25% of 50% ie 12.5% of cost (leaving 37.5%)
yr 3: 25% of 37.5% ie 9.375% of cost (leaving 28.125%)


Katymac · 23/08/2007 12:21

Ring the Tax office as IT can be on a 1yr capitol allowance - but only sometimes so it's worth checking


ChasingSquirrels · 23/08/2007 23:08

100% IT capital allowances have stopped (for now)


LoveMyGirls · 24/08/2007 10:16

I'm wondering this about getting a new sofa as ours is totally mis-shapen from the kids jumping on it (even tho i keep telling them not to) and spilling stuff on it, so i want a leather one, but is this wear and tear and so cant claim for it?


OFSTEDoutstanding · 24/08/2007 10:39

Hi LMG I bought a new sofa and haven't put it through my books yet! Am watching for replies to see if I can or not. Though I think someone said I couldn't cos not just used for childminding

OP posts:

looneytune · 24/08/2007 10:52

LMG's - pretty sure not but I think you can claim for it being cleaned like I am. I am however claiming for my sofa in the playroom but that's because it's in the playroom and ONLY for childminding.


hennipenni · 24/08/2007 11:36

If sofa is used entirely for minding then I'm sure you can claim, howevwer if it's to replace your family sofa then it's just wear and tear I'm afraid!

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