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CM CLUB: Attendance Register - anyone got.........

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looneytune · 18/08/2007 16:36

I'm fed up with filling NCMA's pockets when I don't need to so I've set up a folder with photo copied pages of the attendance register to complete.

I just need the pages where we summerise the minded children by age (at the front of the blue NCMA book). Don't suppose anyone has done their own too and has a copy they could email me? I can't photocopy what I have here as they are already part filled in. I am able to do these pages myself, just got a lot of paperwork to catch up with so could do with saving a bit of time


LT xx

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Saz73 · 18/08/2007 19:23

Hi Looneytune

I'm using a new attendance register that the front pages are not filled in yet, can try and get you a copy some how.


NAB3 · 18/08/2007 19:27

Tape, loosely, some paper over the bit that is filled in and it will photocopy with a blank space. HTH.


looneytune · 18/08/2007 19:40

Cheers guys. Saz, that would be FAB. I have a scanner so if you guys fancy another play session round here some time??? Or (if allowed) I can pop and borrow it? Errr, actually, can't do that can I as you'll have the other details in the book won't you. I'm not desperate as details still in other book. But I'm happy to try the paper over mine first (just need a few sheets coz otherwise the copies will show that through)

Thanks again

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Saz73 · 18/08/2007 20:45

Up to you, can meet sometime next week. Like I said front pages are blank at the moment, I've never filled them in. OFSTED have never told me that they needed to be filled in so never used them.


looneytune · 19/08/2007 07:45

That would be great, I'll MSN you

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alibubbles · 19/08/2007 14:08

looneytune, if you want a free for postage register I can send you as I don't use them, I do my own.


looneytune · 19/08/2007 17:24

Thanks alibubbles, think I'm sorted now but very kind to offer

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