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Our CM is lovely

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PeachesMcLean · 17/08/2007 23:19

Just thought I'd share this. We're moving house soon so we're having to change CM. But just thought I'd say how pleased I am that DS has been looked after by our CM for the last two years.
She takes him to school and collects him every day, and has him for some of the holidays.

Today was DS's last day there for a long while, as we're moving house, and she's done a book with photos of DS in from the last two years, with dates and names of the children in the photos. it's a whole side of his life I haven't seen. And it's lovely. She meets up with other CMs so there's a whole bunch of kids DS plays with who I haven't met. And DS is so pleased to have the pictures of them. He's had a great time there. She'll have DS again for a few days after Christmas. Fab.

OP posts:

MaureenMLove · 17/08/2007 23:30

Damn it! I thought it might be about me! Its nice to know that us CM's are appreciated, because sometimes we do wonder!


MamaG · 17/08/2007 23:30


Bubble99 · 17/08/2007 23:31

That will be a lovely book of memories for him to look at.


MaureenMLove · 17/08/2007 23:34

No, I'm good - honest! Look here!


LoveMyGirls · 18/08/2007 13:37

Awww MO you are are a fab CM!!!!!!!!!!

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