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Nanny with own child

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yummymummy999 · 17/08/2007 13:33

Has anyone ever employed a nanny who brought their own child to work with them?

I Have an NVQ 3 in early years,love children and was a childminder for eleven years but then decided on a change of career and am currently a Police Officer.However I unexpectedly fell pregnant and have a lovely four month old son (as well as teenagers!).

Not wanting to be self employed and thinking that the hours in my current position will be too difficult with a baby, I am thinking about becoming a Nanny but wondered if it is possible to take my son to work with me?

Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

OP posts:

Mumpbump · 17/08/2007 13:48

We have a lovely part-time nanny whose dd comes to work with her. The dd is about 6 weeks younger than ds (18 months) so is a little playmate for him and it cuts down the cost a bit as she agreed to a reduced rate. The rest of the week, she looks after 3 much older children. I am sure that there are some people who wouldn't want a nanny with their own child, but I'm also sure there are plenty who don't mind.

I think the one thing you do need to think about is how to manage your child's routine. The nanny asked me if ds had a particular "routine", but I'm pretty relaxed about it so he has adapted to fit her dd's routine as she's fussy about eating so can't eat too early and he chomps his way through most things...


eleusis · 17/08/2007 16:29

Definately an option. And whilst many people will ask you to reduce your rate as it's really a nanny share with your child, the reduction will still be less than what you would have to pay to put your son into childcare to go to other work.

Where are you? You never know someone on here might be looking for a nanny so it might be worth you mentioning your location.


yummymummy999 · 17/08/2007 18:10

Thanks very much for the positive comments, they were very helpful.

I live in West Sussex but at the moment I am only looking at the various options open to me rather than actually seeking work. However I am open to considering any offers of work.

OP posts:

penny50 · 18/08/2007 18:25

hi there have been a part time nanny for family with 3 older children. worked with them for 3 yrs before falling preg with my now very lively 16 month old daughter. they were really great to agree to me taking bubs with me when started back to work with them and have been fantastic... especially as eldest is now a mid teen and will happily run around keeping bubs out of trouble whislt i do dinners etc.
i'd like to think i've done them a favour by letting teen daughter see how much hard work little babies/toddlers can be!!!!
easy going employers looking for nannys are definately out there, so hope you find one as good as mine, best of luck


angipoo · 19/08/2007 13:46

yes it is definantly poss to take your son to work with you!! 8 months ago i was in a position where i didnt have a job,and had so many people telling me i wouldnt be able to take my son with me,but perservered and signed up with every nanny agency going (a bit of a waste of time!!) and like you ,put a very similar posting on this website,and found a job with lovely family! keep putting your posting on,and dont give up! i am getting the full going rate,as yes i am taking my own child,but i am also fully qualified with over 10 years experience so dont sell yourself short! good luck,let me know if you want the names of any good agencies or websites!!xxxx

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