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CM and holiday pay - what should I give her?

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nangnangnang · 16/08/2007 20:37

My CM is on leave next week and, being slightly scatty and far too kind to her mindee's parents, hadn't put anything in the contract about pay when she is on leave. I feel bad about this - I didn't notice when I signed and don't want her to lose out completely when she has any days off.

What is the norm? Should I offer say 50% of her normal rate?

TIA for advice.

OP posts:

beansprout · 16/08/2007 20:38

We pay for 5 weeks holiday a year.


MaureenMLove · 16/08/2007 20:40

TBH, if she is taking time off, you don't need to pay her. You only pay her if she is available to work, so since she's not, she doesn't need paying. Its very sweet of you though and I wish I looked after your children!


CatIsSleepy · 16/08/2007 20:40

we pay ours in full for holidays, she can take up to 4 weeks a year


CatIsSleepy · 16/08/2007 20:41

I think everyone is entitled to holiday pay aren't they?


PeachesMcLean · 16/08/2007 20:42

With our current CM, the principle is that you pay for the place. So if the place isn't available, she doesn't get paid. She takes four weeks off a year and I assume that in calculating her usual fee she takes that into account.


ChasingSquirrels · 16/08/2007 20:48

mine doesn't charge when she isn't available (holidays, sick etc). CM's are self employed, there is no entitlement to holiday pay - they set their own terms and conditions. Are you sure that this is scattyness and not her choice?


MaureenMLove · 16/08/2007 20:49

Self employed people don't usually get paid for holidays, but tbh I usually gear my holidays around all my mindees, so I get paid anyway!


motherinferior · 16/08/2007 20:50

Mine charges half price when she goes away. The rest of the time we pay full rate. Whether we're on holiday or not.

I happen to think this is entirely fair. Yes, I'm freelance too most of the time and don't get paid when I don't work - but my daily rate is nearly 10 times hers.


CatIsSleepy · 16/08/2007 20:53

my CM's daily rate is not very high, so maybe that's why.
This way she gets the same money every month whatever happens, which is fair I think.


nangnangnang · 17/08/2007 07:46

THanks everyone! My CM is a bargain and fantastically good with my boy. Plus this is her first time off in (I think) some years. She's mentioned possibly revising the contract in Sept to cover such things but it will be too late by then since she probabyl won't take any more time for another several years.

I will offer her half pay. Tx again.

OP posts:

PinkChick · 17/08/2007 10:12

im off next week and charge 1/2 rate for 4 weeks hol which is discussed prior to contract being signed, when the child is off they pay full..i get the impression from more than one of the parents that they had forgot about the paying me bit when i gave them their invoices this week!? but i also give them notice and details of where to pay money into some weeks ago.

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