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Staff Room----------THURSDAY

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PinkChick · 16/08/2007 08:34

one more day at work then we're off..two mindees today both coming at 9ish then off out prob in rain to park, then mums for lunch then back (in rain) to play here

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Shoshable · 16/08/2007 08:35

PC you found my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

PinkChick · 16/08/2007 08:36

i just read last one, wondering why wednesdays staff room was in active convo's..bless ya

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 16/08/2007 08:43

{Mo pins a new 'Days of the Week' poster on the wall}
A very happy THURSDAY morning to you all! I'm getting a bit bored this this holiday lark now, I could do with proper school routine again! Got 1 mindee just til 12pm today. He's going to a friends for the afternoon. Love the fact that its parents decision to do something else, so I still get paid, but I'm definately craving term time!

Shoshable · 16/08/2007 08:49

yep Holiday gone on too long and my 4 year old NEEDS to start school.

Shoshable · 16/08/2007 08:53

Ok been stuck in the house for three days with a teething baby, stroppy 4 year old and a new walker, do you think I will be within my rights to go to soft play and shout at inattentive mothers

mumlove · 16/08/2007 09:06

Shosha - I do not want to go back and repeat wednesday (it was a nightmare). I shall stay at hopefully my quiet thursday getting the last bits ready for packing on saturday. Then just the 1 mindee tomorrow.
When I come back from my hols the mindee that was leaving will be comming back on fridays, they have swopped her days around so much this year.
Have a great day everyone, the sun is out here.

dmo · 16/08/2007 09:06

Were off to the soft play today meeting friends there only 2 mindees today so i am trating us to lunch out
1 more day then i'm off to spain for 2 weeks

mumlove · 16/08/2007 10:36

Send the black clouds away I need to get my washing dry!!
Everyone now blow hard PLEASEEEEEEEEE.

Off to the shops to spend more money, why does holidays have to be so expensive.

MightyMoosh · 16/08/2007 10:46

hello all im now in richmond and its sunny. grand.

crace · 16/08/2007 11:23

Easy peasy today and tomorrow - 1 mindee off until Wednesday next week starting tomorrow but here all day today. Which is cool, she is like one of the family. Found a fab station on our DAB radio called FUNkids which I think is Cbeebies but it plays Raffi and Sesame Street. So on now nice and loud. I think I like it more than my three kiddies but hey ho

Shoshable · 16/08/2007 16:11

Is it STILL thursday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ju · 16/08/2007 16:40

hi all hope you have had a good day.
PinkChick and dmo - have a lovely hol
Just the 1 mindee today 10 til 4 so we went out into the fields ostensibly to pick blackberries but really I was checking out the sloes (demon sloe gin maker). The sloes round here are not quite ready yet, another fortnight should do it . No mindees tomorrow AND I have booked DSs into Kids Club at local Leisure Centre tomorrow so I will be child free all day .yay.

PinkChick · 16/08/2007 16:47

thanks Ju, cant wait, have been counting the days for oh about a year now..getting a bit fed up of waiting now tho! tonight then one more day off work...all children have been fab today even my dd and mindee one who normally argue like mad have been palying for hours happily..think its cos i let them set up a den under breakfast room mindee 2..20 months is taking every solitary toy off them when they pick it up, but hes so cute..event hey cant get cross with him, he just makes them laugh

OP posts:
Shoshable · 16/08/2007 16:56

sob sob sob , you are all going on holiday and leaving me, Im not going on holiday sob sob sob

saltire · 16/08/2007 16:57

Have nay of you seen Madge7 around? She lives near me and gave me her email address, but typical me I lost it and can't find the thread it was on!

ju · 16/08/2007 16:58

heh heh Shosha we'll just get plastered in the Staff Room while they are away (pimms o'clock methinks)

ju · 16/08/2007 17:01

hey Saltire how are you ? Did the house move go ok ? And have you started the torturous route to registering with Ofsted in England ? (mine took effing forever grr born in Singapore, father in RAF, yes I am British Citizen fgs)

saltire · 16/08/2007 17:04

ju - don't go there, I'll just bore you all with my moaning about fucking (sorry) OFSTED, CIS, Hampshire council, and NCMA.
I have attended my pre=registration course and the next one I can do isn't until October!

Shoshable · 16/08/2007 17:08

Ju where in singapore Dad was RAF we were there from 64-67 and 69-74 parents had been there from 52-59 as well met and married out there.

ju · 16/08/2007 17:17

Born at RAF Changi 1966, mum went out there with dad and toddler (my elder sister) came back with 2 kids. We lived in posh bungalow off-site IIRC, complete with thieving amah (nanny)...long story.....

Shoshable · 16/08/2007 17:24

So did we but mum went out with two toddlers me being the youngest and came back with 4 twins born at changi in 64 second tour was up the other end of the island at the Naval Base. Went back in 2001 it hadnt changed much in the north but Changi was unrecognizable.

ju · 16/08/2007 17:30

See, Shosha, its a blimming small world, innit ? Trite but true...
Any way must be off, boys need their tea

saltire · 16/08/2007 17:32

shosh - 4 twins? Do you mean 4 sets of twins, or 2 sets = 4 .
Am confusing myself now

Shoshable · 16/08/2007 17:45

no one set of twins 4 kids in all, mom would have had a heart attack at ay more!!!!!!!

saltire · 16/08/2007 17:46

I read it as 4 twins. Doh, I need to get out more I think,

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