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CM club...Another sun block question

2 replies

hennipenni · 10/08/2007 19:19

(sorry, didn't want to hijack Looneys thread)

Anyway, parents of mindees 2 &3 signed on contract stating that they were to provide sunblock, but, despite several reminders non has appeared.

I will not stay in during the day as it's unfair on other mindee and my own DDs and will admit to ringing and asking if I can use my own block on them. I know that this is not the done thing but I feel this is much more preferable to the alternative of them burning. What do other minders do in this situation?

OP posts:

mumlove · 10/08/2007 19:35

I given up phoning asking to use mine, so I just slop it on and out we go. I write a note and tell the parents when they collect but still get none the next day. Make sure you put a bottle or 2 through your books.


MaureenMLove · 10/08/2007 19:39

I do the same. Although, tbh it doesn't happen very often. I use my own. Usually my parents take me through the bag they've provided and say 'oh damn, I've forgotten the suntan lotion!' So at least I don't need to make a call, I can just ask them thee and then. I always put a bottle or two through the books - it all adds up!

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