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part time nanny wanted, twickenham

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xoxo · 09/08/2007 15:04

I am looking for a nanny for Wednesday afternoon for my dd, age 3. I wondered if it is possible to have a share for this time? My friend is looking for a nanny for two days a week. We both live in St Margarets, Twickenham.

Would this be of interest to anyone?

OP posts:
sleepfinder · 09/08/2007 18:17

I live in the same area and have just found a fantastic nanny through Premiere Nannies. I recommend them. (hope its ok to mention brand names!)

MightyMoosh · 10/08/2007 12:59

I know this is very off topic but I'll be moving to ST margerets to nanny for two boys 16m and 3y, plus a bump, any chance of leting me know a little about the area, things for kiddies and me to do?

xoxo · 10/08/2007 18:29

Mighty Moosh: you're coming to a fab place for kids.
look at the west london meet up thread: kew gardens, syon park, marble hill park, lots of playgrounds (inside and out), loads of baby gyms.

For 3 yr old, 16 mths and a bump in winter I'd say Gymboree - the two boys can be in eth same class, or Heathrow Gym. If you sign up you get free drop in play times so it works out v good value.The one o clock club in Marble hill Park is good for the two boys.
In winter try Syon House Aquatic centre, Butterfly Hse, Barnes Wetlands centre.

Too much to mention!

Sleepfinder: thank you

OP posts:
sleepfinder · 10/08/2007 19:26

MM - also there are mother and baby groups every Tuesday & Friday 10-12 for £2 per family at St Stephen's church which is next to Marble Hill Park

And for over 2's mainly - another on Thursdays 10-12 at the church hall of All Hallows on Chertsey Rd again £2 per family (only recommend for over 2s though...)

no probs xoxo!

MightyMoosh · 11/08/2007 15:15

Thanks for that- I have visited the Gymboree, I went on my trial day and I thought it was very good, we went to a music class, nothing like that I've come across down here! I'll have a good look at the meeting up thread when I arrive- with the baby coming, the mums on maternity leave for a while (difficult pregnancy, one labour scare already) so its a different situation to sole-charge. I need to know the routine more. And I think the Heathrow gym must be the one the mum mentioned the boys already use. I think this Wednesday is start day, bit nervous but I did like the area, been to two interviews with the family.

eleusis · 13/08/2007 17:18

Any luck, oxo?

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