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CM Club:Ad-Hoc Care?

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Katymac · 03/08/2007 14:23

OK - after a quietish period I seem to be maxing out on ad-hoc care (over £300 in 1 week!!)

So do I advertise for Ad-Hoc as a specific service & if so, where or do I assume that as Ad-hoc has started ordinary care will follow??

Or do I risk advertising for ad-hoc and then filling up with ordinary and having wasted the ad-hoc advertising money?

That makes no sense does it?

OP posts:

crace · 03/08/2007 15:17

I do Ad-hoc and it's worked out quite well for me, but I've got a 3 dayer coming up in September that is my ad hoc spot and I've told parents I can only do the Mon/Fri or around my other mindees. And they are happy with that... I would go for it myself, you never know when you will have a cancellation or holiday where you can take on someone - and people might not always assume you would do this. It was only once I let people know they didn't need to do set days the requests came pouring in and I have 3 different sets of parents using me off and on every week.

It can't hurt!


Katymac · 03/08/2007 16:18

Hmm- don't know whether it's actually worth paying for somne advertising - or just putting cards up in shop windows?

It is hard deciding isn't it

OP posts:

nannynick · 03/08/2007 17:32

By the sounds of it, there is demand for ad-hoc care, so go with that and see what happens - always helps to be different from the rest!

Cards in shop windows - prices vary a bit between newsagents I found (in my area), most expensive was £1.20 per week. Have had 4 adverts up for the past 3 weeks, and no response at all - so as ever with advertising, choose location carefully plus also the time of year.

Where did your current ad-hoc's come from? Establishing how they heard about you, may help you decide where may be good to advertise.

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