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******** FRIDAY staff room***********

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mumlove · 03/08/2007 08:23

Hooray the sun is back out today, now what shall we do?

Hopefully you all will have a dry day today.

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PinkChick · 03/08/2007 09:38

beautiful here uoptting washing out then off to park for as long as poss..hope you all have lovely stress free day


Katymac · 03/08/2007 09:44

Morning - Yet more emergency care today.....this is starting to become a theme this summer


dmo · 03/08/2007 10:13

were doing stain glass windows today so gald the sun is out as they will look fab
went to manchester on the train yesterday (bout 1 hr ride) with 6 kids we went to the dinosaur museum totally fab day but i was asleep early last night


crace · 03/08/2007 10:40

dmo - how do you do the stained glass windows? Am looking to stock up on my art repetoire.

We've just made calendars and sticking with feathers, bits and bobs and lots of messy sticky glue. Not sure if they had more fun or if I did. Seriously allows the kid to come out in you doesn't it?!

Gorgeous weather today, mood boosting!


dmo · 03/08/2007 11:53

hi crace
i cheated and bought a stain glass window pack
but you can buy window paint and plastic see throught sheets and all the children do is choose a picture put the picture under the sheet and draw the outline of the picture. once the outline is dry they can colour in the picture


mumlove · 03/08/2007 14:13

I make stained glass windows with my mindees, but I just use card and cut out a picture to make holes and then use different coloured tissue paper to stick over the holes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I am hopeing to do a car boot and find my bedroom floor again.

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MaureenMLove · 03/08/2007 16:50

Well hello there! I'm back! Had a fantastic virgin camping trip and can't wait to do it again! And I didn't have to were my wellies either which is a result, since I can't help walking like shaggy! Hope you've all had a good week, gonna have a little look at previous convos to see if I missed anything big.


mumlove · 03/08/2007 19:11

Welcome back MML, glad you had a great time. Holidays never last long enough do they, thats why we have chosen to go for 3 weeks, after that I shall be wanting some DH & DD free time!!

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