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CM club - Not a good start to the day!!

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FeelingOld · 02/08/2007 09:58

When mindee A (who comes 7.30-5)left yesterday said to dad ' see you after my holidays' (cos they are off next week and I am off week after that), he said ok have good one.
I am sitting in my dressing gown this morning at 7.25am finishing my coffee about to go in the shower when the door bell rings, I can see through the glass colour of mindee A dads uniform so I rush upstairs and tell ds to answer door and tell dad I am just getting dressed. I grab nearest clothes (not particularly nice ones!!), tie my hair back and run downstairs. I say sorry cos not expecting them and dad says he told his wife I had said see you after hols and she said he must have misheard me so he just turns up!!
I have no probs having mindee as I only have one other under 5 today but I thought they could have called/text me when they knew I was obviously not expectimg him.
I was so embarassed , but luckily dad is the sort that would just laugh it off.
So now am sat here smelly with unwashed hair. I am definitely ready for my holiday .

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PinkChick · 02/08/2007 13:27

you shouldnt be embarresed at all..they should be!..not bothering to ring like that! and the mum even knew!..pure disregard IMO


S88AHG · 02/08/2007 16:36

They were lucky, if I dont have mindees I dont get up till after 8 so they would have woken me up!!!!!!!!


FeelingOld · 02/08/2007 17:33

I know!!
If I had not had another mindee coming at 9.30 and I had not been so lazy last night that I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair so had to do it this morning I probably would have been in bed until about 8, now that would have been embarassing!!

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