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shift hours and holiday pay?

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allthatglisters · 02/08/2007 09:28

I have a possible new mindee and parent is working shift hours - (works out about half the full-time hours) - I am going to charge a slightly higher hourly rate but question is what do I do about my annual holidays? At the moment my other parents (who have set hours per week) pay half-fees for 3 weeks per year (and they take their hols at same time as me). I want to make things fair for everyone. Anyone got any experience of this?

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S88AHG · 02/08/2007 16:31

I would average the weekly cost and use half that as holiday pay, and have it put in the contract too


allthatglisters · 02/08/2007 17:25

oh yes - why didn't I think of that? Thanks for answering this slightly boring post!

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