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Looking for childcare Banbury

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SanetJvv · 01/08/2007 19:30

Going back to work 3 days a week. Looking for childcare in Banbury, Oxfordshire. My children cant speak English therefore I dont want to put them in a nursery. If you know of a loving and caring childminder or au pair (I suppose I wont find someone that can understand Afrikaans) that is willing to take two little girls ages 2,6 and almost 16 months old.

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whomovedmychocolate · 01/08/2007 21:59

Hiya, It's really tough - there is very little up here. But Oxfordshire Children's information service can give you a list of registered CMs who are available. Or ask your HV if she knows of any. Good luck!


SanetJvv · 01/08/2007 22:01

Thank you! Ill try my HV first.

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ajj · 02/08/2007 06:37

Are you working and living in Banbury, or could you also try near your work place?


SanetJvv · 02/08/2007 07:58

ajj, im working and living in Banbury. Ive sent an email to a childminder located in Banbury last night to ask if she have vacancies and if not any advice. Ill try my HV today.

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 06/08/2007 20:08

I haven't been around for a few days so didn't see your posts. I have CATted you (hope you can receive them!)


stargate · 11/08/2007 20:09

the childrens centres are good sources of info and certainly the one on my estate is multi-cultural, they also offer childcare, either onsite or with cms. There's one in town and one on hardwick and bretch hill.


ThePrisoner · 24/08/2007 22:40

SanetJvv - can I assume that you have managed to sort out your childcare?

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