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Shoshable · 01/08/2007 08:17

Is everbody on holiday but me

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mumlove · 01/08/2007 08:21

No, still got 2 weeks 3 days until my holiday. But then I am away for 3 weeks.
Wait for the sun to come out, enjoy yourselves at dochester. Are you going to gatecrash iamwerzels work?

crace · 01/08/2007 08:35

Hi Shosha and mumlove - not on hols, none for me this summer

Dropped ds off at Heathrow yesterday and just shattered, course that had nothing to do with the Virgin Vie party I went to last night Or the wine had at said party. Course not

Easy day, one in am and one in pm and playdate this morning

Katymac · 01/08/2007 09:15

Morning - settling in today & baby crys when ever she sees me - but is fine with my helper

PinkChick · 01/08/2007 09:16

mum love, we must go away same day as you...well do a double count down!..only we're only away for week, but never the less cant wait!

mumlove · 01/08/2007 09:19

PC we fly out from stansted on Monday 20th, but on the sunday have a lovely 5 hour coach journey 1st.

PinkChick · 01/08/2007 09:20

ah, my adding is poor then, we fly out sat 18th from newcastle...ah dead excited anyway!..were you off too?

Katymac · 01/08/2007 09:22

We are off from Stanstead on 20th too

mumlove · 01/08/2007 09:30

PC it is my adding up I think (lost brain power)!!

Katy where are you going? we are going to Canada, flight leaves at 12noon thats why we are travelling up there the day before.

Katymac · 01/08/2007 09:38

Atlantic coast of france don't know what time (much later than that I think)

looneytune · 01/08/2007 10:57

Morning all. I'm all alone with no kids at all, not even ds!!! The 2 sisters are now on holiday and so my brother very kindly offered to take ds out for the day. We were supposed to have visitors over this afternoon (old mindee) but my brother asked and that's all that ds could think of so it was too late, all excited etc!! So, felt bad for letting friends down but at least I'm all alone til about 5pm

Am going to crack on with the really physical jobs I need to do (big sort out upstairs) and do it asap (including defrosting freezer ) then I might have time later to just chill for a bit (sinuses really bad last night and tonight so could do with a bit of chill time)

Have a good day everyone

ju · 01/08/2007 11:53

morning all. At last I am back online, what a relief. So I've brought flapjacks plus chocolate buttons for us hard working CMs .
I've been working flat out, had an emergency placement for 6 weeks which has now ended so I am back to my normal 4 days a week. Phew. Looney you are marvellous not to collapse in front of telly as soon as your LO are off !

Shoshable · 01/08/2007 14:18

ok you lot on your hols, Im going nowhere .................. but am looking at the Dominican for Xmas

OP posts:
mumlove · 01/08/2007 14:48

I'm back from day out, it's so hot I had to come home and my head is pounding, but the children enjoyed themselves. going to have a nice drink and some biccys before sorting ouy all the goodies that they have collected.

PinkChick · 01/08/2007 15:11

well weve been to park, dd's nanas for lunch then village shop for fresh bread and salad etc then off for a mad 2 hour stint in soft shatterd, ate too many choc and flapjacks from mums and feel hot and harrased!..still i may have talked friend/mum from school into letting her youngest come to me as well as big sis(after schooly)on an as and when contract, dad has just been demoted so funds are unsecure, but to help out and get bit extra cash i said i organise an on going contract, no notice peiods wed just be honest if too much for either of us..contract will be signed and all my T&C read trhu but just let her leave if needed, think it makes it easier for mum and dad and i dont mind as its a space i wasnt going to bother filling as am happy with sept ratios, but one more few hoursa week should be ok

Katymac · 01/08/2007 21:10

Just posted this on yesterdays

"I have so many enquiries this week - all for ad-hoc

3 short mornings
2 longh days
3 short days

plus an extra 4 long days from regulars


Plus I was talking to lady selling solar power & she is going to phone me tomorrow about minding

Plus I am seeing someone next week about a F/T baby

What happened???"

crace · 02/08/2007 06:51

Katy - fab news. It's always feast or famine isn't it? Fantastic, hope things are on the up for you!

PinkChick · 02/08/2007 08:30 pleased for you

Shoshable · 02/08/2007 08:46

well done katy, dosnt it always come like buses tho none or three at once

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