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Retainer question (CMs)

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mummykench · 30/07/2007 20:54

Hi all! Thanks for your replies on my other thread about starting childminding. For those who didn't read it I've just registered as a CM. I had a phone call today from a lady who'd got my number off a childminder I'd met on the first aid course. She sounded v desperate and relieved to have found me (I don't think there are many in my area).

Anyhow she's coming over next week to chat about taking her 4 yr old son part time in September (he's going to nursery the rest), then b4 and after school in january. I'm thinking because she sounded so relieved to have found me that I can charge her for the hours he is at nursery / school - I remember them saying this can be done on my course.

Have you done this and what did you charge? I'm going to start at £4 an hour which I know is a lot but I think a lot of parents would like a former primary school teacher for a childminder (have 4 years teaching experience). So if I'm charging £4 for a normal hour, what would be reasonable to charge during the day? Or would I be better off just charging a one-off day fee?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jacqui x

OP posts:

mummykench · 30/07/2007 20:56

P.S Not sure if it's called a retainer fee in this situation!

OP posts:

Shoshable · 30/07/2007 21:04

I charged a retainer when mindees were at pre school, but not at school, the 4 year old will be technically 5 when he goes to school full time in January, and I don't know anyone who would pay you retainer for school hours. It will free up your under 5 space as well.

I charge a hourly rate, retainer is half the rate.


ayla99 · 31/07/2007 13:28

While at nursery/preschool its usual to charge while the child is at school - this gives the parent the use of your place when the nursery/preschool is closed.

When they start school, if its not full-time straight away then I continue to charge while at school as they are still taking up an under fives space and the situation for me is the same as when they were at preschool.

Once they go full-time or have had their 5th birthday you don't charge while at school (well I don't know anyone who does) because they're not "wasting" a place - you can't have another over 5 while they're at school cos they're all at school as well.


PinkChick · 01/08/2007 15:56

i would only charge retainer if i was to drop off child in morning and collect later, or if i was to be main contact while they were at school, ie: if school would have to contact me in emergency instead of parent.

if i was only collecting, i would not charge retainer.

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