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Is £300 per week a lot for a full time live-in nanny in London?

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streetwise · 30/07/2007 13:47

I'm meeting a nanny tomorrow and that's what she has quoted me - although I'm not sure if that's net or gross.

Is that a lot or about the going rate. She mentioned 7am to 7pm - so proper full time hours.

OP posts:
justaphase · 30/07/2007 13:50

It does not sound much. I think at the top of the market there is very little difference between live in and live out rates. Which is wrong, I know. £300npw sounds about average.

eleusis · 30/07/2007 13:53

It depends on qualifications and experience, but it's probably fair for those hours if you are actually in London and not out on the edge of the M25.

Issy · 30/07/2007 13:54

We pay £275 (net) for a fully-qualifed, very experienced nanny in Guildford, Surrey for 7.30 am to 6.30pm.

Kewcumber · 30/07/2007 13:56

Issy - how is your search for the perfect couple going?

fridayschild · 30/07/2007 13:57

The nannytax pay survey said that live-in rates were going up because experienced nannies didn't want to live in. I would say "top of the market" meant English mother tongue, an NNEB or equivalent qualification, and some experience - so don't pay lots for someone on a working holiday visa who's done a spot of babysitting, or an au pair who fancies a huge pay rise now she's got a bit of experience under her belt.

You could look on nannyjob to get a feel for what other employers are paying?

streetwise · 30/07/2007 13:58

That's interesting Justaphase - does that mean that I could find a live out nanny for about the same amount?

I'm not that keen on having live-in anyway - as you may have seen my other thread on our recent au pair. Which was really hard going.

OP posts:
vino4me · 30/07/2007 13:59

That's average for London - if she is qualified and experienced she could even ask for more.
You will have to pay nannytax ontop of that.

streetwise · 30/07/2007 14:02

vino4me - how much tax would I be paying on top of £300. About £75 per week - or more - do you know?

OP posts:
eleusis · 30/07/2007 14:02

Fridayschild makes some good points. If you tell us more about the job description and her qualifications and experience we can give better advice.

Issy · 30/07/2007 14:05

Kewcumber: Thank you for asking. We've found a couple although we'll have to wait until they start in mid-August to see if they're 'perfect'. They are from Romania, in their late 20s, she's an English teacher, he's a sports teacher specialising with Special Needs children, she's worked as au pair before in the UK and they seem very enthusiastic about the job.

streetwise · 30/07/2007 14:06

Thanks for the tip about Nannyjob fridayschild. I've never heard of that site before. I've just checked it out and it will be really useful.

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 30/07/2007 14:06

well they sound good Issy...

Issy · 30/07/2007 14:08

Here you go:

£300 net translates to £427 gross.

streetwise · 30/07/2007 14:09

Well eleusis - here goes. I've got a nearly 4 year old who is going to be going to preschool every morning. I've got a soon-to-be 2 year old - who's going to be going to pre-school three mornings a week. So Tuesdays and Thursdays are full days and the other days are all half days.

The live-in nanny that I spoke too seemed to think that there would be enough for her to do for three mornings with laundry and cooking etc. (I'm not totally sure - but keeping an open mind). And then in the holidays it will be five days a week.

OP posts:
streetwise · 30/07/2007 14:12

£427 gross is probably more than I can afford - once I've factored in the cost of food etc.

OP posts:
eleusis · 30/07/2007 14:16

What are the hours of actualy childcare?

streetwise · 30/07/2007 14:17

Monday, Wed and Friday 12 until 6. Tuesday and Thursday 7.30 until 6.

OP posts:
eleusis · 30/07/2007 14:20

That is 3 1/2 days of work per week. (2 full days plu 3 half days). £300 net is too much. £300 gross might be okay.

My nanny is expected to do the childcare and the laundry/cooking/tidying at the same time. I also have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old.

streetwise · 30/07/2007 14:27

Thanks eleusis - I was thinking that £300 net is too much. I also want somebody who can do the childcare and laundry etc at the same time. I don't want my children being totally depended on an adult playing with them at all times. The children need to learn to play with each other and entertain themselves.

How do you organise things in the holidays though?

OP posts:
jura · 30/07/2007 14:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eleusis · 30/07/2007 14:41

While my kids are the same age the nanny is full time for us. In fact her hours are longer than yours. She begins at 6:30 and finishes when I get home at 7:00. The 4 year old is starting reception in Sept. and will go in mornings until Jan. when she will go full time. DS does not go to any kind of formal nursery/school so that nanny has him the whole day every day. I have thought about putting him in nursery sessions a couple of days a week but I can't really afford to pay a nursery and a nanny. So, he stays with the nanny.

streetwise · 30/07/2007 14:48

Thanks for all your help. I'm in the middle of looking for a job and might need to get things in place quite quickly. I've got a couple of interviews next week and one the following week. Some of the jobs are working from home and some mean working in London - so I'll just have to see what turns up and react accordingly.

If I end up working from home I may be able to cope with just an au pair. But would much prefer a nanny with experience - as long as it's not going to cost me the earth. Anyway - long ramble to say thanks for all the input.

OP posts:
eleusis · 30/07/2007 14:53

Have you tried a nanny share?

streetwise · 30/07/2007 15:08

I would love a nanny share and have looked into this in the past but it has never come to much. Have you ever had any success with this?

OP posts:
eleusis · 30/07/2007 15:24

I've shared my nanny in the past. But it wasn't a 50/50 share. She just looked after another family's kids at the same time as mine. Their older child and mine were at school together. So nanny would just take them on as well, and the other family paid her in cash as and when she worked. So, nothing formal, and it didn't affect what I paid her.

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