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CM: Reassurance needed please (fees)

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DJGemini · 29/07/2007 20:58

Hi All Lovely CM's
I have a situation regarding fees & I'm worrying myself about it. I probably just need some reassurance really.. Please tell me what you think.
In my Policies & procedures I outline the attendance/fees/etc regarding fees apply if children dont attend. SO everyone is already aware - but have been given some verbal notice, that they wont attend for 2 full days.. (it's not hol exactly )They asked if this was ok, I said yes, but I was embarassed about the fees side (dont u just hate that part!)
Should I still charge?
I can't help feeling so bad, perhaps I'm just too nice. I can't waive it as I'm struggling to pay the bills as it is..
About to issue an invoice for advance fees & feel so awful..

OP posts:
KaySamuels · 30/07/2007 08:27

Stick to your guns and charge them, otherwise everytime kids are off they will expect you to waive the fees!

As you are sending an invoice anyway you can just put those days on the invoice, avoiding the awkward conversation you are dreading! I always put a note at the bottom of the invoice for contracted or booked hours (whichever applicable) saying "as it states in my policy handbook and all families contracts, fees apply regardless of a child's attendance, and fees will only be waived/reduced if my childcare service is unavailable".

Don't feel bad, as you say you have bills to pay too. hth

Shoshable · 30/07/2007 08:34

This is one of the reasons I get paid in advance, it states clearly in my handbook, that only holidays given to be by the 19th of the month (I invoice on the 20th) will be charged at retainer, for up to 4 weeks a year, anything else will be charged at full price

PinkChick · 30/07/2007 08:35

do you use ncma contracts? if so(in either case) does it state in your contract that any absence will be charged as normal(or half depending upon you)?, if so dont worry about it.

if the child is off beginning of week i would give the parents that invoice the week before (with the week befores) that way there is no confusion..regardless, standard fees apply.

my parents always 'ask me if its ok' when they ring/text about coming late/early/having days off and i have always charged them as standard, they know what my t&c are in imo if they question it they are trying their luck!

DJGemini · 09/08/2007 14:58

Thank you all,

Yes I use NCMA contracts. Everything has been agreed and clearly stated in advance when first joining me. TBH I think I was just embarassed about the point in hand. The trouble is, if you don't communicate properly - there is going to be this 'wondering what the other one is thinking senario!'
I invoiced, as usual, with the month ahead, including the days which were to be missed.
Nothing was said, payment was made.
I've learnt from this though.. to just speak up and be asertive. I know that if someone had a question/objection/they may well bring it up. As this was not the case I can only assume they were fine about it.

Thanks again!

OP posts:
PinkChick · 09/08/2007 15:02

Hi..TBH, they will already 'know' you will charge them they are just doing the right thing i think and letting you know in advance..if you diddnt charge, theyd maybe wonder what was going on?..but not say always have your policies and contracts as back up if they question it.

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