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childminder moving house - HELP please:

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deembee · 26/07/2007 15:35

I am moving sometime in the next three weeks. Unsure of the date yet as waiting for builders to finish the house that our sellers are moving into. What do i do about registering at new address. I remember some time ago someone had a copy of letter they had sent to ofsted and they had recieved a new certificate straight away without needing another inspection visit. Can anyone help me with this. Would love to get this sorted as soon as we have the moving date cos am really stressing at the moment. Any comments/replies really appreciated, thanks a lot.

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LoveMyGirls · 26/07/2007 15:40

Get in touch with Ofsted asap they will tell you what they want you to do.

When i did it they just asked for the date we were definately moving and left it at that but they knew i was moving to smililar house and i'd not long had an inspection don't know if they take that into account so best to phone and get it sorted.

Good Luck!


deembee · 26/07/2007 16:19

thanks for that, will contact them as soon as i get a date for moving.

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