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CM CLUB contract review is due how does this work?

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 25/07/2007 22:51

Hi the first mindee I signed is now due their 6 month contract review. What do you do? The hours are not changing and everything is staying the same, there are no problems or anything so do I have to call a meeting or can I just ask if everything is ok at collect time and then get mum to sign to say review has taken place or is there more to it? Please help haven't got a clue!

OP posts:

ayla99 · 26/07/2007 09:33

You don't have to have a meeting. I normally mention to parent that its time for renewing contract and they're welcome to come round for coffee & chat if they want to (most don't, with daily diaries & chatting at collection time there's not much left to say!). And I remind them they can make an appointment throughout the year if at any time they want to chat about contract/possible changes in hours/child's progress & needs etc.

Then I just type out a new contract with new review date. I renew first contracts after 3 months. Then I renew everybodies 12 monthly - september each year.

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