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nannies - how much and how often do you do the 'housework' stuff?

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TranquilaManana · 23/07/2007 18:20

obv relating to the dc.
washing, bath cleaning, that sort of gumf.

apols for quietness, am off to put the 3 babes in bath/bed.

OP posts:
nannynick · 23/07/2007 18:28

Not very often (but I am not contracted to do any domestic duties).

I would say that on average, I do one maybe two loads of washing a week. If a child wets the bed, then I put that in the wash ASAP so it can be dry for that evening.

Never cleaned the bath... rarely bath the children, as I finish before bath time. Baths I have given have been for emergency - you know the sort, don't want to put you off your dinner by describing

Vacuum once a week. Stack/unstack the dishwasher daily - didn't have a dishwasher for a while, so was then doing washing up very frequently.

TranquilaManana · 23/07/2007 18:35

hmmm, thanks nick. realise now i shouldve done this thread ages ago... anyone else able to give a quick overview of what they do in their role as nanny? (other than play, feed and stick the telly on)

OP posts:
nannynick · 23/07/2007 18:51

Looked at your profile, and I care for similar aged children - and with 3 pre-schoolers around all day (not going to nursery/pre-school) then there may not be that much time available for a nanny to do domestic chores.

Most of my time is spent outdoors doing activities with the children, when we are home, food prep/cooking is the next major thing to get done, while trying to stop the little darlings from killing each other.

Like you I am interested to know what nannies do get done in a typical day, especially those nannies who care for 3 or more children, of whom 2 or more are pre-school aged (who are not taking daytime naps).

fifilou · 23/07/2007 19:19


I'm contracted to do nursery duties only (laundry of my charges only, keeping their rooms tidy/playrooms tidy although they are pretty good and do this themselves now with help)

I do however find myslef doing alot more to help, like general tidying, cleaning up after big play sessions, tea dates etc...but they NEVER ask me to, i just do. Its all about give and take really. I rarely stick to my contracted duties, i do much more than what is asked of me because im treated so well, and respected that i dont mind helping out with other things.

my bosses employ a cleaner 3 x weekly and an ironing lady too, so i dont iron now ( i did when i first started) I'm happy to do whatever it takes to maintain a happy healthy household! I'm a proffessional after all!

Whooosh · 23/07/2007 19:35

Our nanny has only dd aged 2.3 to care for,she is contracted to do all family ironing plus normal nursery duties.TBHshe struggles with that.
I still do all cooking (and freeze) as the poor girl could burn water .
She rarely gives the playroom a good "going over" and isn't very good at sorting clothes which are too small.
However she loves dd and dd loves her so I am willing to overlook her shortcomings-as I am sure she is willing to overcome ours

nannyk · 23/07/2007 20:03

I look after 21 month old twins, and do a lot of their laundry (one load a day), cooking (from scratch at least twice a week to fill the freezer, plus fresh meals as and when), tidying (at end of morning and end of day)etc. Daytime naps have been a bit touch and go lately (AAAAGHGHH!!!!) so it is often a case of parking them in the playroom for 20 mins while I get other stuff done faster than the speed of light. They don't watch any tv at all, so all entertainment is done through music and our imaginations, along with the entire contents of Hamleys. I would actually like to do MORE nursery duties but MB is often around and likes to do some things her way. So I grin and bear it LOL. We've reached a balance of who does what and when, and I think it works quite well now.

nannyj · 23/07/2007 20:57

At the moment i look after 3 children and do all their laundry and ironing, tidy bedrooms, change bed linen once a week, keep clothes tidy in wardrobes, make sure toys are clean and have a major sort out probably every couple of months, cook from scratch, do family shopping, errands for parents and generally make sure the house is left as i find it in the morning. I also give the kitchen a good clean after dinner time and usually if i have time quickly clean the kitchen floor. Thats about it but i'm sure i'll remember more

squiffy · 24/07/2007 10:46

nannyj - let me know when you are looking for a new job!!!!!!!!!!

TranquilaManana · 24/07/2007 10:59

hah! i want nannyj.... shes mine, y'hear? mine!

OP posts:
45nanny · 24/07/2007 11:17

I can't believe how little some nannies have to do . When i was working as a full time nanny it was my job, to do all the childrens laundry, including mending . I had to clean room weekly ,including change of bedding weekly. I cleaned toys weekly and sorted playroom weekly . In most of my jobs the childrens rooms would be spring cleaned twice a years including the washing of curtains and carpets.
I cooked most foods from scratch as there wasn't many ready meals. I cleaned the children's bathroom and tidied and cleaned the kitchen when we had used it.
I also took good care of the children , doing all the activities that i would do today . Including playdates, long walks ,swimmimng. In the early days this was also done without a car.
In all my jobs (i worked for over 25years)this was normal with all my nanny friends.
I am going back into nanning now my youngest is in full time school and it looks like things have really changed.
I wonder if any other older nanny remembers how it used to be. Were we better off or worse off.????

TranquilaManana · 24/07/2007 11:35

45nanny - thats the sort of thing i have been lead to believe is correct... but youre right, it doesnt seem to be the norm. hmmm

OP posts:
nannyj · 24/07/2007 14:35

45nanny thats pretty much what i do now. I don't clean the bedrooms because we have a cleaner but i do everything else. Most of the nannies i know do what i do and in previous jobs i've cleaned the bedrooms if it's required. At the end of the day an employer should spell out what is required in a job at interview stage and if the nanny excepts that job they should just nuckle down and do it.

I've just recently been job hunting and my first requirement was to have chemistry with the parents, in my opinion they pay me for my time so i don't have huge issues with what they expect me to do and am happy to muck in where i can.

TranquilaManana · 24/07/2007 14:52

hey nannyj, i think we could have great chemistry!
not in hampshire are you?

OP posts:
45nanny · 24/07/2007 17:24

Your right Nannyj, I have always taken on jobs because i got on well with the parents and loved my charges.I think right at the interview stage you can get a feeling about a family. In fact i am still in touch with a few of them 22years later. I do believe in a little bit of give and take, rarely saying no to a request from parents.
I would like to think i work along side mum and dad in the taking care of their children . I think your right in saying if you know at the start what you are neeeded to do and your happy doing that ,then fair enough .I love my work and can't wait to get back into nannying .

nannyj · 24/07/2007 18:59

Sorry am in knightsbridge (well soon to be in my new job). Good luck in your search though

TranquilaManana · 25/07/2007 11:04

oh well - enjoy your new job

OP posts:
NannyL · 25/07/2007 18:54

well I:

unload the dishwasher when ever it needs it... we find it typicaly does 4 meals, so one day will be on after breakfast (I do it) next day after lunch (I do it) next day after tea (Mb / Db do it) etc

I change the childrens beds once a week and while im putting a load in the amchine i always try to make sure it is full (ie add extra kids clothes to the load)

I also tend to wash things that dont need washing that often, ie kids coats / buggy cosy toes

(My bosses LIKE to do the washing and dont LIKE me doing it, they also insist that THEY do all the ironing (I wouldnt mind)

I dont do ANY cleaning ever and would never clen the bath etc (thats what the cleaners job is)> I would NOT be happy to clean either

If the kitchen floor is REALLY bad I sweep it, but it has to REALLY need it! (was obviously swept afetyr every single meal when had a crawling baby who ate everything inedible)

NannyL · 25/07/2007 18:56

I also cook proper food mostly from scratch as well!

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