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school aged kids

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bmz · 23/07/2007 14:03

can anyone give me ideas how to entertain to school aged boys - one is 9 the other 6. Anything would be appreciated. Others don't know how I'll get through the summer hols. regards Seb.

OP posts:

zoeuk1 · 23/07/2007 17:09

mine love playing with paper aeroplanes in the local park. football,hoopla,get some stuff from too for good craft ideas. dvd and popcorn.use facpaints to paint tattoos on each other.


zoeuk1 · 23/07/2007 17:10

meant to add, that there are loads of websites for paper planes if you need help on making them! get the boys to decorate them too.


MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 17:20

Lego! My boy mindees sit there for hours playing with lego! Start collecting rubbish too. I once covered the table with bits and bobs and my lot stayed there all day. They even moved a little space in front of them for lunch and then got right back to it! Have you got games consoles? There's nothing wrong with a bit of time on them, especially if the weather is rubbish.


MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 17:26

This has to be the most revolting thing I have ever heard of, but you can bet boys would love it! One of my Guiding friends gave me the recipe, which I have lost, but it would appear that its not that uncommon! There's loads of recipes for it on a Google search!


dmo · 23/07/2007 18:29

i have over the summer 6 boys aged between 8 and 11 aswel as the babies
today we went to the kids club cinema
tomorrow a ball pool place
next day local museum for art work

will add more later i'm needed now


nannynick · 23/07/2007 18:45

How about trying to have a theme a day:

Craft - Make a bug, such as a paper spider, ladybird etc.
Food - Make bug biscuits, either make biscuits (if you want the activity to last a lot longer time) or use brought biscuits. Ice them, stick on licorice strands for legs.
Outdoors - mini beast hunt


Shoshable · 23/07/2007 19:08

We are going round the world with Disney, starting in Hawaii with Lilo and stitch, making hula skirts and such, eating fresh pineapple, hula dancing(should be a giggle) whale watching on the net (you can Google live streaming from Hawaii) and of course watching the DVD.

Then off to China with Mulan, lots of Chinese food, sword making, bowing to one another ,

Next Africa with the Lion King, making Furry Ears and face painting, trying South African Food (DDIL is SA, so she is doing it), drums and stomp dancing.

North America with Poncahtos and Brother bear, rain dancing (should be sun) feather headdresses and such, war paint, fish for lunch.

That's as far as planned yet, but will try and do onea week.


KaySamuels · 24/07/2007 09:46

I do themes too like shosha and nannynick. Space went down well, as did football theme, french, oceans, wizards, and jungles. Lots of craft and baking activites (all my boy mindees love baking) link to each theme.

Also outdoor stuff like ball games at park with picnic, go kart, bike rides.

We also go to craft workshops at the library, art gallery, we also had a weighing and measuring day once which they really got into (gave each a tape measure, and we shared kitchen and bathroom scales) finding things to measure and weigh and recording it all.

I like older mindees, but find they require a little planning so you can lead them through the day with out the B word coming up (bored - obviously)!


bmz · 26/07/2007 08:04

many thanks for your replies. much appreciated. i've tried themes in the pass but all i get is "not doing that". regards

OP posts:

bozza · 26/07/2007 08:18

V. impressed with all these ideas.


ayla99 · 26/07/2007 09:24

-construction activity using marshmallows & raw spaghetti.
-Spyhunting with water pistols in the woods
-take sketch pads to local museum
-pirates treasure hunts, have the children take turns to set clues for each other

Art Attack Projects

Smart craft projects

Face Painting Darth Maul

Asda Kwik Cricket ordering & Info

Do Crafts - foam mobile phone case


ayla99 · 26/07/2007 09:25

Big Wild Read

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