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LoveMyGirls · 23/07/2007 08:10

First day of the hols for us, dd1 doesnt want to get out of bed, I will have 5 children today and its chucking it down, today is our stay in day anyway but i would have taken them to a quick trip to the park if the weather had been ok but its absolutly chucking it down!

What have you all got planned?

OP posts:

Shoshable · 23/07/2007 08:17

Same here LMGs got 4 children although only two have arrived so far, 1 is chronically late how she is going to get on in sept when she starts school i have no idea!


Katymac · 23/07/2007 08:20

Morning all

Bit of a day today - feeling a bit stressed

(I think I have said that more this year, than ever before)

Only 3 today (paying - but I'm having 3 who belong to my deputy for a few hours)


MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 08:24

We opened the Staff Room at exactly the same time LMG, well actually I was about 30 seconds faster than you, but it would appear that everyone wants to be in your staff room, not mine! Hey oh! I'll live. Changed my name back, now that Potter mania has eased off. I've finished it btw, my book light started playingup at about 12.30am and I had about 10 pages to go, so I got out of bed and sat on the bathroom floor to finish it! How sad!
Anyway, just one mindee today, all others on holiday. We will probably play dodge the rain all day!


LoveMyGirls · 23/07/2007 08:31

Im thinking we should have quite a chilled day doing playdough, colouring, aquadraw, wii, board games etc mindee 1 goes at 1.30, mindee's 2&3 go at 3pm so not a really long day.

OP posts:

MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 08:34

Hows the weather Hampshire way? DD is going to stay with my aunt tomorrow and is going by train with my mother.


fifilou · 23/07/2007 13:03


have a moment spare so thought id pop in and leave some rahter yummy birthday cake on the table!, so i had a few moments spare

Fri party for b1 was brill. I did it all alone, no bosses helped (work!!!!) I was a little pissed off at that TBH.

the rain came down, and it leaked in the kitchen, i had to mop, get buckets and not panick although i was pretty near boiling point but luckily my nanny pals mucked in and mopped up while a clown entertained 13 very wild and noisy 7 yr olds!

i arrived home shattered and needed a big glass of wine to chill!

today B1 and B2 and clubs until half 1 so ive been packing their cases for their hols ( igo on fro too with ny bf, cant wait! poor DH has to work, but insisted i go on my hols! Bless)

so........hope your all ok........ xx


MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 13:05

Well hello. [mo looks indignantely at fifi] Remembered who we are, have we?


Shoshable · 23/07/2007 13:12

Was taht somebody talking Mo?


MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 13:14

It must have been the wind through the window, there's no one hear now.


Shoshable · 23/07/2007 13:32

Where did the cake come from (helps herself to HUGE piece)


mumlove · 23/07/2007 13:41

Hello everyone, I NEED to give away a 6yr old, she has told mindees what they are playing with and how to do it, and it's only monday lunch time! I need to get through 4 weeks before we go on hols, then DH can deal with her.

I wish we could go out but the rain carries on, when will it stop.


LoveMyGirls · 23/07/2007 13:50

Hi girls, Its gone quiet round here now, dd2 is in bed, mindee 1 has gone home just got dd1 and 2 hol mindees, dd1 and 1 mindee are playing a new game on the wii and other mindee is playing with dolls. All mindee's will be gone by 3pm!

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 23/07/2007 13:54

ML my dd1 has been a bit much today as well but i think its because shes jelous, shes got 1 warning to go before she is grounded for a week! She's already not going out to play today - its raining anyway but thats besides the point! Dd2 has a cold so has been grumpy, mindee 1 always plays up a bit when its holiday time mindee 2 is very sweet but mindee 3 whinges he's bored at every opportunity, moans about the food, the weather, lack of boys stuff, lack of boys and is only happy when i let him play on the wii - at least letting him play at the end of the day it means he has to be good all day!

OP posts:

mumlove · 23/07/2007 14:12

It doesn't help that she had a late night on Friday 9pm and saturday 10.15pm as she had ballet rehearsal on the fri and 2 performances on the sat. But all the parents really enjoyed it and the children worked hard. they were aged from 3yrs to 20yrs.

I will try and get her to bed early tonight as tues and weds are my busiest days.


Katymac · 23/07/2007 16:20

Well I have just lost 2 more children - so I applied for a job sorting mail at the PO midnight until 6am


MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 16:55

Oh no Katy! What rotten luck. I really hope things pick up soon.


Katymac · 23/07/2007 18:49

Thanks - I hope I get the job.....the hrs would be very good

If not I'm not sure what I can do

I don't want to lay my staff off if at all possible as things might get better very quickly

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