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CM CLUB: Calling all CM's who provide OVERNIGHT CARE - please, have some questions........

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looneytune · 19/07/2007 14:26

Now I'm registered for overnight care, I want some sort of system in place for when people want to book etc. Especially as had 2 kiddies last night and got another tonight, want to sort ASAP.

  1. Do you have a booking system? If so, how does it work?

  2. Do you have anything mentioned about late cancellation etc?

  3. Do any of you provide overnight care adhoc for none minded children? If so, is there anything else I need to think about apart from the child record form?

  4. Do you offer a discount for siblings?

    AND LASTLY..........please can someone confirm whether or not you have to have a seperate bedroom for mindees overnight? LMG's needs to know and I have a feeling that they DO need a room of their own for privacy reasons but not 100% sure. I had the 2 last night in the same room but that's because they are both sisters.

    Anything else you think I should think about, please let me know.

    Cheers, off to get clothes for ds and baby up from nap as need to go to school in 5 mins!!! YIKES!!!

    Byeeeeeeee and TIA
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LoveMyGirls · 19/07/2007 16:59


looneytune · 20/07/2007 09:50


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thebumcleaner · 20/07/2007 10:07

I do overnight care, as does a few of my friends. My friend has the great idea of having children over to stop at her house, offering a 12 hour stay for a fixed rate instead of baby sitting at their house. Sometimes these are children that she doesn't mind, but does get details of children and permission forms signed, just not a contract.

I put the mindee in the same room as my ds2 as they are both 3. This is because mindee can sometimes wake up a bit confused, and will end up getting into his bed anyway for a cuddle! Found it is easier just having them in the same room as they like that rather than being on their own.

If I have an older mindee staying (not that I have yet) I think I would use the playroom instead. You have to think about what space you have I suppose. ALso have a spare bedroom, but this being used would depend on who it was as well I think.

Booking wise, I have a calendar on the wall for who is here when, so would see, and maybe think of a £10 charge when they book, so if they cancel then you don't refund it maybe. I only have one mindee that stays over, so never been a problem (although mum can ask on the day that she needs sometimes!!!!)

thebumcleaner · 20/07/2007 10:08

Sorry, rambled on in that last post lol. Need to talk to another adult I think lol rather than lots of small children.

looneytune · 20/07/2007 11:53

Thanks for that, I think I will do a £10 non-refundable deposit - good idea

Just thinking of putting a booking form together so if anyone has anything like this and would like to help me out, please let me know!

As for the sharing rooms - I can't see the problem in same aged kids sleeping in the same room if everyone concerned is happy. But what do OFSTED think? I'm sure they refused at my old house as the naps were in ds's room and they said overnight stay wouldn't be allowed as need own room. I'm sure she also said that at this house when she was checking what I was planning on doing?

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PinkChick · 20/07/2007 14:54

wel i may be wrong but i was told by ofsted i was allowed one child overnight as i had one bed and one spare room?, how many does it state you can care for on your certificate?

looneytune · 20/07/2007 15:44

I'm allowed 2 overnight. Basically, I said I'd only want one at a time HOWEVER IF I was ever needed for the 2 sisters (one with au pair) then if possible, I'd like to be able to do that as they could share a room. So she agreed but cert isn't specific to those children, like it normally is for variations

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looneytune · 20/07/2007 18:26

bump for evening lot - hoping to sort this over the weekend

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ajj · 20/07/2007 19:21

Mine only states 2 overnight, but my inspector told me that I could put cildren from the same family in the same room or 2 children of same age (different families)in the same room. If baby & older child from different families, I could put baby in my bedroom.

lunavix · 20/07/2007 19:23

I dunno if I'm qualified to answer, I provide overnight care but have never been asked

EIther way, no booking system they'd just ask me, cancellation fee if they cancel less than 24 hours in advance (in policies) I'd do it ad hoc for anyone but I'd still do a short term contract, I'd offer a discount for siblings

I believe you need a seperate bedroom, siblings sharing is okay.

looneytune · 23/07/2007 15:48

Thanks everyone

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