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HELP! Vacancies in Suffolk??????

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JoMa · 18/07/2007 15:10

I may have a new job, will find out later today, but nursery can't take my 2 boys on 2 of the days I need so I will need to find an alternative. Is there anyone on here based in Suffolk?

OP posts:
nannynick · 18/07/2007 15:20

Not sure about Suffolk - though there are some Mumsnet Childminders just inside the Norfolk border... if you are close to the border?

Where about in Suffolk are you?

This thread may be handy to look at:
Mumsnet Childminder Vacancies

Expect others will post on here once school run time is over.

sjkingdom · 18/07/2007 17:35

I'm in South Norfolk - may be able to help if you're close enough. You could also try looking/asking on gumtree/netmums.


S88AHG · 18/07/2007 17:39

Is katymac in norfolk she has vacncies doesnt she?

sjkingdom · 18/07/2007 17:54

Yep, I think Katymac's Norfolk though more Norwich way, so quite a way from the border. I'm right on the border with Suffolk.

JoMa · 18/07/2007 17:55

I need it in the Ipswich area, Katymac is too far

and I got the job so I now have one week to get sorted

OP posts:
looneytune · 18/07/2007 18:07

Congrats on the job!

If no-one here is near enough to you, try looking on this website and putting your postcode in, just in case you haven't looked on here

JoMa · 18/07/2007 18:10

I looked on the Suffolk CC site, the problem is knowing who's good and who isn't, I worked in the Bury Area as a nursery assistant and have knowledge of nurseries there, but I really need to be closer to Ipswich and don't know any of them. The only ones I know are good don't have spaces.


OP posts:
Katymac · 18/07/2007 18:12

Diss will be too far - I know a good nursery there

I'm way to far away (up by Acle)

Sorry I don't know more down your way

jo25 · 18/07/2007 18:12

Hi Joma, I am about 45 mins from ipswich, am not currently a registered childminder but want to become one next spring after we have finished building. Would you consider an alternative arrangement? Maybe, if it worked out we could come to some arragement. What do you think?

JoMa · 18/07/2007 18:23

KatyMac, I know an amazing nursery in Diss too, it's the partner nursery to the one I use now , sadly it is too far for me to get to and then get back in time, especially as the A140 isn't the best of roads!
jo25, if possible I really need to find someone Ofsted registered so I can claim Tax Credits on it. Which side of Ipswich are you?

OP posts:
jo25 · 18/07/2007 18:56

I am Sudbury side, West i think?

JoMa · 18/07/2007 19:06

wrong direction for me, that's the opposite way from me and the nursery for ds1, thanks anyway

OP posts:
S88AHG · 18/07/2007 21:48

I have a friend who is a Cm in Ipswich and she has loads of CM friends too let me know if you are interested am happy to pass on details

JoMa · 18/07/2007 21:57

yes please, can you email me?

it's so much less stressful when you can find someonse thru personal recommendation

OP posts:
S88AHG · 19/07/2007 12:27

Have emailed details

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