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Nanny or Childminder W5 Ealing

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babybore · 18/07/2007 12:55

Hi, moving to Ealing in a couple of months. currently exploring childcare options. Would be grateful if anyone knew of any vacancies anywhere? Would be up for childminder/nanny/nanny share 2 days/week.

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Millarkie · 18/07/2007 18:14

I used to live in Ealing - I recommend joining the ealing 135 parents group They have (well, they used to have) a nanny share register you can join to get in contact with local families who want to share a nanny.
Have you tried to search for childminder vacancies? When I did it I got the number of a couple of childminders and when I spoke to them they gave me the numbers of their friends who were childminders with vacancies too.
Good luck.

alison222 · 18/07/2007 20:14

Try here Children's information service.

If you are looking at childminders they tend to be fairly local, especially if you have to have children collected from a school.

Your best bet is to search that site, ring a few (even if they have no vacancies advertised) and ask for advice too. Ealing is very "villagy" in a way and most childminders know quite a few others.

As far as I know there is not a nanny group anywhere for information. Most people I know have used agancies or a publication called "simply childcare" try googling it.

Good luck.

babybore · 19/07/2007 14:15

Thanks for your advice. Will have a look at the links you suggested.

OP posts:
JennaJ · 19/07/2007 15:48


I think we have been emailing outside of mumsnet :-)

You could also try and go to the west London forums and place a free add on there.

Or you could go to and search to see if there is anyone local who wants to share a nanny. I think you have to pay to respond but if there is someone who has a match it might be worth your while. you could look at nannies looking for work. Its often possible to find a nanny who has a part time job who wants some extra days. again not free but not expensive either.

I hope that helps you out a bit.


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