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Nanny welcome pack

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Chelseamum · 17/07/2007 21:59

We have finally found a lovely nanny for our dd. She will be starting in mid august.

I am putting together a welcome pack for her about our house rules, important contact numbers, baby clubs etc...

I would appreciate your wise words and experiences in this aspect.

A very big thank u! xxx

OP posts:
MrsScavo · 17/07/2007 22:01

Don't forget the children's favourite recipes.

nannyj · 17/07/2007 22:12

Maybe a loose schedule of what you expect the nanny to do every week as a guide. I would find that helpful. Is she new to your area? Maybe info on public transport. Good luck

eleusis · 18/07/2007 08:24

Food rules (keep them simple!)
House rules
Maps of the area (if she is not local)
An oyster card
Some useful websites (like journey planner and
Get a nanny diary and populate it with doctor's number, your work, etc.
Flowers in her room if she is live in.

Samyblue · 18/07/2007 12:37

I think some sort of time table would be good. The Nanny as well as the children would really profit from some routine.

Just write down what you normally do with the children during the day so that the Nanny can continue this routine.

Whooosh · 18/07/2007 12:41

We gave ours a mobile phone too...

Furzella · 18/07/2007 12:53

It was useful for our nanny to have lists of the dds' best pals and their mothers'/carers' names so she could arrange playdates. Also we gave her the mobile numbers of nannies of other families we knew to help her settle in.

Chelseamum · 18/07/2007 23:11

a very enormous thank u to you all!

Gosh, I love Mumsnet so muuuuch....


OP posts:
eleusis · 19/07/2007 09:53

Sooooo... whom did you hire?

Chelseamum · 19/07/2007 23:09

a lovely girl, not the first one but my last one...

Many thanks to you all for your great advice!

OP posts:
paros · 21/07/2007 14:27

I was just going to say chocolate and loads of it . LOL

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