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just a question about money

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need2know · 16/07/2007 13:31

do any of you charge holding fees for term time only contracts, if so, what sort of amount?

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 15:49

I would if the space was for an under 5, at the moment i don't because i have 2 older children who come in holidays only so it kind of works out when my after schooler doesnt come. If i did it would probably be half fee.

FeelingOld · 16/07/2007 16:40

I have a term-time only 4 year old (although she is leaving me at the end of this week cos she starts school in sept ). I have always charged half fees for the holidays.

ThePrisoner · 16/07/2007 18:10

I don't, I'm happy to offer term-time only and holiday-only contracts.

need2know · 17/07/2007 14:57

i wondered as a cm friend of mine has asked for a holding fee during hols to keep place open and also a retainer to keep the start place in september, none of us local minders see anything wrong in this but she has been told ncma would be against this as they dont suggest having holding fees for term time only placements. i thought it was up to the individual as it is after all, our own business. would love a few more opinions so that i can pass them on to her and the so called expert she has been advised by...............hope this all makes sense.

OP posts:
nannynick · 17/07/2007 15:23

I see no problem with a Retainer Fee.
The Childcare Place is available, the parent is not using that place for a period of time.

What could happen is this:

A contract is signed at the beginning of term for that term, which only allocates that Childcare Place for the duration of that term.

School holidays then come up, and the place can be sold to someone else - who may, or may not need it during the following Term.

To prevent the place being sold, then a retainer fee - or indeed the normal daily fee - could be charged.

NCMA are a membership body, they do not have control over how a childminder operates their business. Childminders do not need to be members of NCMA - insurance, help with paperwork etc is available from other sources.

If a Childminder is using an NCMA contract, then they will need to abide by the terms of that contract. Don't have an NCMA contract to hand, so not sure what the terms are - does it say in the fine print about Term Time Only?

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