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24 replies

MaureenMcGonagall · 16/07/2007 08:09

Good morning everyone! Its Monday 16th July and for most of us its the final push until the school holidays! Its dd last week at school and although thats not strictly cm news, you're my friends so you have to listen -its your job! I'm gonna be a wreck by Friday, sorry!

OP posts:

MaureenMcGonagall · 16/07/2007 08:16

Party went well bth, fill you in after school run!

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 08:17

Morning we're on the last week too!
Got playdate with another cm this morning. Mindee back to having his nap today i think as long as mum hasn't changed her mind. Plus maybe just maybe that lady will actually come and see me today or tomorrow or fingers crossed someone else phones me!

What have you all got planned today?


mumlove · 16/07/2007 08:17

Morning to you, Just 4 days left at school for DD this week (so she is at home for my birthday!). One of my mindees is 3 today but is staying at home with mummy so I have only 1 mindee today.
Did everybody have a nice weekend?


LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 08:24

I had a shocking weekend i disgraced myself in public (by getting too drunk!!) I did a del boy at the bar, i was sooooooooooooo bad!
It was because saturday was really busy, kids party, food shopping etc i forgot to feed myself properly so that's why i was so ill!
Spent yesterday having a chilled day with family, went and saw my mums new caravan which we are going away in, in a couple of weeks!


MaureenMcGonagall · 16/07/2007 08:28

lol lmg! Always blame lack of food! I couldn't possibly be that you drank far too much!! Gotta go to school, back in half hour or so!

OP posts:

Shoshable · 16/07/2007 08:39

LMG would have loved to have seen that
How is the head today.

Mo, are you not getting excited tho about the next step of our girls journey though school, I am, going to order her new uniform next week.


saltireslytherin · 16/07/2007 08:43

LMG - I always blame the drink, but instead of saying I had too much I say that it must have been off, or someone gave me too much. it's never my fault when I get drunkj like that. Mind you it's been a long time since I was drunk that DH had to lift me off the bathroom floor (where I was developing an unhealthy relationship with the toilet bowl) and put me to bed.
We are going to my mum's on Friday and I am planning a few nights out!


Shoshable · 16/07/2007 08:51

Hi Saltire, I had the first bad headaches this week, Ouch!!! Does this heavy weather make it worse?

And no it was not alckihole induced


Henie · 16/07/2007 09:08

Morning, look I've almost got my old name back! Last week of work before I break up for my holS Yay!


Shoshable · 16/07/2007 09:08

eeerrrrrr uummmm (whispers) who were you henie?


saltireslytherin · 16/07/2007 09:17

Shosha, I have had some hellish headaches the past few weeks. In fact, if I'm honest, I haven't had a pain free day since we moved. That's unusual for me, I normally get 3 or 4 flare ups in a month, but not this time. of course it's not helped by the fact that I ahve been without some meds since last week and won't get any more uuntil Thursday.
have plenty rest, and I find that sometimes a warm hot water bottle can ease the headaches


mumlove · 16/07/2007 09:24

School run done, now a quick drink before going out to play. I spent saturday trying to put together a climbing frame, then DH came home and finished it.
Went out saturday evening to a party but couldn't drink as I had to drive home (it always ends up like that).


MaureenMcGonagall · 16/07/2007 09:36

She was HenniePennie, Shosh. I am getting excited about the next step. I even let her have her ears peirced yesterday! ITs just all the wailing and crying that I'm going to hear this week. The party was a killer. Every child turned up and at the end my brother who was doig the video said, right all shout Goodbye in the camera and when they'd done it, a hush fell over the hall and he just said. 'Thats it then - its done!' All the mums who were there were choked up! So many of us won't see each other again and we've been standing at the gate together, doing trips and discos and sports days for 6 years.

OP posts:

looneytune · 16/07/2007 09:48

Morning all, how is everyone? I'm also on last week of school, dreading the holiday's. AND........I've not even got any proper school aged children, just 4 yr old ds!!! He's been a real handful since holiday so I'm worried about how he's going to be, hope he calms down soon! My money is going to drop slightly as my 3 yr old pre-school run is Term Time only and I'm trying desperately to get some school holiday children now Ofsted have increased my numbers. Seems like there's not much call for it round here

Anyway, off to make a cuppa whilst baby naps and her sister plays wiith baby and pram - she's 2 on Saturday so need to buy her a present in next couple of days!

LMG's - I did wonder why you were so quiet yesterday!!


MaureenMcGonagall · 16/07/2007 11:11

I know what you mean about money. I'm not sure how we're gonna fair duing the holidays. I'm going to be down a bit. Although my regular term time only is coming for a couple ofthe weeks, so hopefully that will compensate for the others.
Two mindees are having a nap after singing their socks off in the library and then its lunch, so I've got about an hour to get my act together. I couldn't sleep last night. A mixture of thinking about dd's last week and dh snoring! Finally went to bed a 3, after a heart to heart with someone on here. When I did sleep, I had the most hideous nightmare and then had to get up at 6 for first mindee.

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 12:03

I don't know how you're going to stay awake! Mine are in bed now too but not asleep yet, mindee didnt have his nap last week so im expecting him to give me a hard time about it and dd got used to not having him in there as well, hopefully they will both drop off soon!


mumlove · 16/07/2007 12:47

Just come in for a coffee break. Mindee is asleep. Going to school early today for coffee and cake, they are saying thankyou to everyone who helped out at the school fair and to see what they have brought with the money raised.


LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 12:55

Mine are only just nodding off, i've been like a yo-yo up and down checking and watchign trying not to go in and disturb them as they are both shattered, just been up and they are now lying quietly so fingers crossed they are going off finally, at least they are not being any trouble. Mindee's mum will be here at 1.30 though and then i'll have to wake him and i'm not sure if she is bringing his pushchair so he'll probably scream the place down, he hates being woken up.


MaureenMcGonagall · 16/07/2007 12:56

Mindee2 actually ended up not going to sleep. Far to interested in what mindee1 was up to! Mindee1 has gone home now and the other one has been fed and water and I have just put her in the cot. Thumb straight in her mouth and asleep by the time I got downstairs almost!

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 13:07

Dd2 is asleep, mindee is still awake, his mum will be here soon, it's because hes gone a week without it and now hes confused i think?


mumlove · 16/07/2007 13:09

Maybe just lying down in a dark room being quiet will be all he needs now.
At least your DD is asleep, mindee will go home.


MaureenMcGonagall · 16/07/2007 14:13

Just had to take a call from one of my mums, who's son has complained that one of my other mindees is being nasty to him! This is the boy who I have the trouble with his grandparents, broken family one. Aparently, over the weekend, he told his dad that my mindee was been mean to him. Now I watch these lads all the time and whilst I do have to tell the older one not to be mean to him, he certainly plays on the 'I'm the littlest' thing. I have a feeling that the father has got a bee in his bonnet about me after Fridays episode and wants to cause trouble, especially since the older boy wasn't even here last week! On Friday, he complained to the mother that I should be phoning him if it was his weekend, so why didn't HE phone me instead of her? Anyway, I told the mother that by no means was it entirely one sided, but the older boy has been getting a bit OTT. Mainly because he's year 6, too big for his boots, needs to move on etc. etc. Thankfully, the problem will be completely solved by Wednesday, as thats the last time the two of them will be together. I won't be having older one again, because he's going to secondary school in September.

Note to all of you! If you have mindees from broken families, set very firm ground rules on who is in charge and who talks to who on every level!

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 14:19

His mum has decided we are dropping his nap.


LoveMyGirls · 16/07/2007 14:20

Sorry Mo, sounds awful at least the problems are going to be resolved. Awful for you though being in the middle!

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