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good resources for nannies to network (online or otherwise)?

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TutterJane · 09/07/2007 13:01

new nanny - hasn't worked in this area before so doesn't know other nannies and would benefity from getting to know about toddler groups and other resources at her disposal

wondered if anyone could point us in the right direction of useful sites/magazines?

OP posts:
annh · 09/07/2007 13:29

A good site for nannies (and I think they have a meet-up section) is Nannyjob. Netmums also have local sites in different areas of the country and they have lists of toddler groups etc. The local library is probably a good place to check noticeboards for local activities. They also usually stock a freebie magazine called Primary Times (although I am not sure if this is country-wide) which lists loads of local swim classes, groups etc. Or we probably know something - whereabouts are you?

eleusis · 09/07/2007 15:07

Does netmums cover your area, Tutter? Or find some local toddler groups and ask the other mums/carers?

NannyL · 09/07/2007 15:15

agree send ehr over to nannyjob

also make sure she POSTS a post in the meet other nannies section....

TutterJane · 09/07/2007 17:07

thanks re nannyjob tip

no idea about netmums eleusis - will have a gander

OP posts:
nannynick · 09/07/2007 18:53

To meet other nannies, try as already suggested.

To find Toddler Groups, there are a few ways of doing that:

# use mumsnet local
# visit the local library - look at leaflets, notice boards, free local magazines (in my area, local libraries often have copies of Families, Family Grapevine, and other franchised parenting info magazines)
# try using - in some locations it will list toddler groups
# keep a sharp eye for toddler group adverts while out and about, I often see them in my local Budgens and Postoffice.

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